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Hilarious Muppets Bloopers!
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Sunday, 6th of April 2008 - 05:02 AM ]
Tags: Muppets
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Saturday, 5th of April 2008 - 12:34 AM ]
Neil is a London King and soon will be holding a big orgy fest. Neil will be holding a special event: We are thinking of doing a meet up in London for you pwned kids maybe sometime near the end of May.. who would be interested make sure you comment so we all know whos interested and bump the blog to make sure everyone notices it and hopefully get more people along.. YAYYY EXCITED EDIT we are thinking 17th may is good but we still need suggestions on what to do do you want to LAN. or do you just want to chill out. Read More…
Tags: Go, Neil
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Saturday, 5th of April 2008 - 12:30 AM ]
Gaming News: Phyllis Schlafly Attacks Video Game Court Decisions GamePolitics Conservative commentator Phyllis Schlafly has criticized the unbroken string of First Amendment decisions which have protected video games in recent years. Australia Getting Watered-Down Version of GTA IV GamePolitics The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Grand Theft Auto IV, due for April 29th release, has been edited to satisfy Australian censors. He's finished Grand Theft Auto IV! GamesRadar We talk to Rob Taylor from Xbox World, the first games writer to complete GTA IV Iwata, Miyamoto, and the Wii Wheel Prototypes Wired You might find the Wii Wheel, a steering wheel that uses the Wiimote, to be a bit silly. Read More…
Ironman Walls 4 U
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Saturday, 5th of April 2008 - 12:25 AM ]
IronMan Wall 1 IronMan Wall 2 IronMan Wall 3 Walls are 1024 just right click save and Get yo IronMan on would ya! Read More…
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IGN Rubs In The PWNage
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 4th of April 2008 - 08:07 PM ]
Zelda on the Big Screen Wow, and I thought I had no life. But here's a fun fact about that April Fools Zelda Trailer; they spent almost a year for set up. Yes! You read that right. And what's more, here they go and show you the behind the scenes of it all. It's longer than the actual "Trailer" they made. I hope they are happy with the waste of money and time just to prank the game community, most of whom knew it was a fake from the first watching of it. Congrats. Read More…
Australia Gets A Baby Version Of Grand Theft Auto IV
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Friday, 4th of April 2008 - 12:29 PM ]
GTA IV edited for Australia - Australian gaming citizens; you're getting a very special edition of Grand Theft Auto IV. It's still packed with "strong violence, strong coarse language, drug and sexual references", but it's clear something has been cut. Read More…
$1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Friday, 4th of April 2008 - 01:59 AM ]
Epic Games has now launched their new "Make Something Unreal" PC game mod contest. Sponsored this time by Intel, the contest will give aspiring game creators a way to win cash and prizes for making mods based on Epic's Unreal Tournament 3. Over $1 million in cash and prizes will be given to the winners and just like the first "Make Something Unreal" contest (for mods made with UT 2003/2004) the new version will have a grand prize of a full Unreal Engine 3 license for the overall best mod. Last time the winner was Tripwire Interactive for their Red Orchestra mod; they later formed a full dev team and released the game as a stand alone commercial title. Judging will begin in June 2008 in the first phase of the contest; the final winners will be determined in fall 2009 after all four phases are complete. Read More…
ESRB Hiring
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Friday, 4th of April 2008 - 01:51 AM ]
Tags: ESRB
O'Donnell Joins The Cast Of Max Payne
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Friday, 4th of April 2008 - 01:35 AM ]
Chris O'Donnell lands role in 'Max Payne - The one time star Chris O'Donnell, who you may remember from his rubber nippled presence in Batman & Robin and clearly don't recall from 2001's Vertical Limit is the latest to join the Max Payne movie adaptation. Entertainment Weekly writes that O'Donnell will take on the role of executive Jason Colvin, joining Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Beau Bridges in the picture. Read More…
The Force Is With Us
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 3rd of April 2008 - 04:46 PM ]
Force Unleashed Has September Release Star Wars geeks rejoice! Not just in the US, but Worldwide. Today Lucas Arts released the dates that the game will be released on pretty much all the consoles and hand helds. The dates? Well for the US, we get it on the 16th. Southeast Asia and Australia? The 17th. And finally in Europe? Read More…
The HULK will PWN YOU!
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Thursday, 3rd of April 2008 - 04:36 PM ]
SEGA of America, Inc. today has released the first official game trailer for The Incredible Hulk, an intensely realistic third-person action video game soon to be available on all major video-game platforms in June 2008. Key Features: Unlimited Destruction: Become the Incredible Hulk and experience unlimited destruction. Players can demolish anything in their path and also use it as a weapon – pieces of a crumbling building…a passing car…a light standard. They can even demolish buildings with their bare hands. Read More…
Tags: Hulk
The Wait Will Soon Be Over...
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 3rd of April 2008 - 03:35 PM ]
Home Beta Going Public "Very Soon" Before I get into to my thoughts on all of this, I figured I would show you the small release that was posted about this. And by small, I do mean very small; like 10 words on this. Yes that's right, just 10 words. Not a very long one, but it is very exciting unless they are toying with our emotions again. Here it is: "We'll be opening up the Home beta to the public very soon and hope to see you there," said Susan Panico, senior director of PlayStation Network. Ok, so seeing that, I have come up with my own prognostication about this. Read More…
Tags: PS3, Home, PSN
Wednesday ECA Game News Update
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Thursday, 3rd of April 2008 - 02:16 AM ]
Tags: ECA
Gamers PWN the US
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 2nd of April 2008 - 09:23 PM ]
72% Of U.S. Plays Games, Only 2-3% Own Multiple Consoles If you missed the heading, almost 3/4ths of the country plays games, to some extent at least. Not bad numbers when you look at them. That means there has got to be something to this whole thing right? I'd say so. Gamers are not a minority; we are a majority. And we have the NPD to prove this fact for us all. Oh, and just so ya know as well, this is up from last years survey that had only 64% of the US gaming. Read More…
Sony PWNs Self?
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 2nd of April 2008 - 05:09 PM ]
Feel the Shock Next Week! I really am not a big fan of April 1st. Like I've said before, I am a fan of a good joke, but when it comes to actually reporting something that means anything yesterday was a trial. Hence why I only found one object to post about and it was about a fake video anyway. But now back to actually reporting fun news in the gaming world. So it looks like Sony is revving up their release for the new Dual Shock 3 controller. Originally it was due out on the 15th, but it looks like it will be here a week early. Read More…
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