The Evolution Is Complete As StarCraft Remastered Has A Release Date


Get ready to dive back into StarCraft as the recently announced StarCraft Remastered has been given an August release date now

Back in March it was announced that we were going to be getting StarCraft Remastered for the PC and Mac. Fans and those looking for more nostalgia rejoiced and praised Blizzard for doing this for everyone as it was one of their best RTS titles. At least in my opinion and many others. But sadly, all we had was word that this StarCraft Remastered was coming and no solid word on a release date. That was something that was assumed to come out at E3. Sadly it did not there either. That is because it seems they were holding it all back to give it to us now and we can look to get this remaster on August 14th now for the nice price of $14.99 USD. Happy days!

But wait, there's more. Especially since there wasn't much more known for StarCraft Remastered before now besides it getting the amazing 4K update and all of the sprites getting redone and updated so they are not just being upscaled. That and that it would house both the original StarCraft and Brood Wars in one spot. Now it is also known that the matchmaking and leaderboards have been given a touch up, we'll be able to track specific statistics, there will be cloud saving, a music upgrade, and the ability to swap between the new version and the old version. Because that is something you would want to have in a remastered version of a game for some reason.

StarCraft Remastered — We Are Under Attack!

Ready to Roll Out! StarCraft Remastered Arrives August 14 th

StarCraft Remastered adds modern conveniences to the original StarCraft experience while maintaining the same gameplay that has captivated a passionate community of gamers for almost two decades. It’s also fully compatible with the existing version of StarCraft, meaning that those who purchase the upgrade can play with those who already have StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War. Updates and new features include:

  • Full graphical upgrade of the original StarCraft and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion
  • Widescreen UHD support for up to 4K resolution
  • New matchmaking and leaderboards
  • Player profiles that track individual statistics
  • Cloud saving for campaign progress, hotkeys, and replays
  • Higher fidelity music and sound
  • Switch between Remastered and the original StarCraft with the click of a button

To be honest, I am fully excited for StarCraft Remastered to finally be coming here and could care less about all of the other changes that are coming outside of the visual upgrade. In fact, I'd have been okay with everything else being left the same as long as the cut scenes for the game were also given the visual upgrade to go along with it. This is usually what kills remasters for me because you get a great looking game that still uses decades old CG videos instead of being touched up. Maybe Blizzard will surprise us all with this in StarCraft Remastered but seeing as it has yet to be mentioned anywhere, I am not going to hold my breath or get excited for that.

Are you ready to dive into StarCraft Remastered or will it be another grasp at nostalgia that you will be skipping on? Do you like all of the other upgrades coming to the remaster here or will it be the new visuals that will bring you back in? Do you think that the CG videos were given the same treatment or will they be left back in the days of the original version of the game? Let us know down in the comments and of course discuss away. For more on StarCraft Remastered as it all comes, be sure to stick around here. We'll have it all for you and you won't want to miss out.