You Can Become A Legend & Still Make It To San Diego Comic-Con 2024


Those looking to go to this year's San Diego Comic-Con still have a chance as well as giving to the Comic-Con Museum

It is no big secret that we hit up San Diego Comic-Con every year and those who have been looking to join in all of the fun might also know how hard it is to get out there for it. It is the thing of online jokes and memes every year, but it looks like there is still a chance for those who might be interested in joining the fun but did not make it through the many different lotteries to get a pass. Yeah, you will not have to miss out on all of the fun video games and other pop culture things that are always out there at San Diego Comic-Con each year, as long as you are willing to help out and Become a Legend with the museum that also happens to be out there in the area. At least, as of the original posting of this.

For those who may not know, there is a Comic-Con museum that opened up a while back to further celebrate Comic-Con and what it brings to the city each year. You can buy memberships to the museum that will grant you entry and at other tiers, they come with a few extra perks. Perks like getting a few others in for free and various discounts on everything going on in the museum. All with the added benefit of having an extra tax write-off at the end of the year. Well, those who are looking to go for the $1,900 USD option will get all of the benefits available and a five-day pass to San Diego Comic-Con this year. A bit steep in price but an easy way to still join and make life a bit easier next year. Especially as it is an option you can go with each year and keep getting the same perks without any hassle. Just a fairly high price.

San Diego Comic-Con — Become A Legend

Become a Legend member at Comic-Con Museum for $1,900 (portion tax-deductible)

Receive membership benefits and one (1) Comic-Con 2024 four-day plus Preview Night badge

Experience Comic-Con to the fullest!

Legend memberships, at $1,900 for a year-long membership, include the following benefits:

  • Comic-Con 2024 four-day badge (Thursday–Sunday) plus Preview Night
  • Unlimited Museum general admission for one year, guest passes, swag, discounts, recognition, and more
  • The fair market value of your contribution is $455; this portion of your contribution is not tax-deductible.
  • BONUS - Legend membership is now an annual offering. Set your membership to auto-renew and secure your Comic-Con badge for next year!

Annual Legend membership quantities are limited.

Legend membership sales for Comic-Con 2024 close on July 28, 2024, at 12:00 p.m.

As mentioned, the fair market value of the San Diego Comic-Con tickets are about $455 USD, so that part is not deductible, but the rest of it all is. Given that someone trying to go for the first time, and during the open registration, has less than a few percent chance of getting a five-day pass with the odds not much better for a single day, it is a hassle-free option to go with. For me, it is not worth the 400% extra price. I am guessing for those who do not frequent San Diego, CA, it is most likely not as well. It is an option, though for those who do not want to feel like they are missing out on another Comic-Con due to any of the other reasons. So, if you have the extra funds and know someone who can give you some crash space, you now have an option to go.

Does this entice you all to go for the event or will you be trying to hit up some of the smaller and local Comic-Con events across the country? Will this actually sell out or will it be an offer that stays open up until the day of the event and then opens up for the next year? Would it just be better to move the event somewhere else that can handle the mass number of fans that now go or is that part of the allure to be one of the few who do get to enjoy the experience? Head to the comment section to discuss and let us know if you will be joining out there. We will be on the ground out there at San Diego Comic-Con, so expect to see a lot of updates leading up to the event, during it, and then after. Even if you cannot make it out to the show, we will be able to give you more of a taste and for the low price of free.