The World Is Bleeding As Secret World Legends Launches Free To Play

Secret World Legends

Horror MMO, Secret World Legends, has launched and we have a new trailer to look at as we wait for Secret World Legends to download for free

The day is here and Secret World Legends has officially launched as a free to play MMO for everyone willing to take the dive back in. While this isn't a completely new title, it is a rebranding and re-working of The Secret World from Funcom, a lot has changed since the first title launched and now it is back with even more for us. Also, best of all for a lot of gamers out there, Secret World Legends is here and free to play. You can go out and pick it up as you are reading this and give the whole game another play or just pick up where you left off…kind of. Either way you can go to the game's website and give it all a download or wait until July 31st to add it into your Steam library. It's up to you.

Before you hand wave off Secret World Legends due to the free to play model and more or less being a remaster of another title, it is completely worth noting that it is more than just that. So far we've see the combat get a bit of an overhaul and the character creation getting a few change-ups. The next big difference being that Secret World Legends also houses an addition 100 hours of story gameplay out there for those who want to go out and hunt for it all. Or experience it. All for free, or a small fee if you want to have a few of the extras like an addition character slot and such. They have to make some money on this at the end of the day you know.

No matter how you feel about Secret World Legends and it going free to play, at least give the launch trailer a look and see if you think it will be worth the time to pull you away from all of those other video games out there. I know I will be giving it another go here and hopefully it will be my go to MMO as I was hoping it would have been when it was still The Secret World. We'll find out and I'll see you in Secret World Legends hopefully.

Secret World Legends — Launch Trailer

Secret World Legends revamps the core gameplay experience to be more accessible to both newcomers and long-time fans, introducing stronger progression structures, streamlined quest flow, and improved visuals and UI. Combat is more dynamic than ever, redesigned from traditional MMO-style tab targeting to a more modern action-driven reticle system, and each of the game’s nine weapon types have been re-engineered with new mechanics to offer a unique feel in battle.

Set within a dark and mature story universe, Secret World Legends plunges players into a sweeping adventure into the supernatural underbelly of myths and legends that exists in the shadows of our own realm. Travel the globe in pursuit of mysterious forces threatening the world, using your wits and abilities to solve complex investigations and uncover the truth. The developers will be continuing to add content and new storylines going forward, finally allowing them to bring the story of The Secret World forward in new, exciting directions. Secret World Legends is currently available on, and will also launch on Steam of July 31st.

Are you excited to give Secret World Legends a chance here or did the original version already such your fun out of it all? Do you think that the extra story elements and new combat will be enough to bring you back into the fold? Did you like The Secret World before and wonder why it has all been repackaged up again? Let us and the world know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Secret World Legends as it comes, be sure to stick right here. We'll keep all of those updates flowing as we get them and you won't want to miss out.