LawBreakers Is Getting A Collector’s Edition & Here’s What Is Coming In It


The Collector’s Edition for LawBreakers has been shown off and it looks like the PC version of LawBreakers will have the same as the PS4

If you were hoping for a collector's edition for LawBreakers then you can rest happy now knowing that there will be one. Not only one for the PC version of the game, but it looks like Boss Key Productions has set it up for the PS4 version of the game. We'll talk more on that in a moment as the main details are for the PC version of LawBreakers although there are a lot of similarities between the two. Hopefully by now you know how all of these things go and that isn't as shocking as the news that it doesn't look like there are pre-order bonuses that are usually the way things go here. It looks like securing your copy of the game will be the real pre-order bonus.

Anyways, as of right now and until July 7th you can go online and secure a physical copy of LawBreakers for the PC and get all kinds of goodies along with it like extra character skins and weapons, Abaddon's Journal to expand the world of the game, two card packs for each faction, some stickers and a code for LawBreakers to download on Steam. So many physical items to come with the game but no physical version for the PC. Then again, most PC gamers don't care about that anymore, but at least you can adorn your gaming space with all of the other items you can pick up for the $70 USD price point. At least if you jump on this before the 7th.

LawBreakers — Collector’s Edition

[Pre-Order] LawBreakers — Collector’s Edition (PC)

  • [Digital] Deadzo Deluxe Edition - the core LawBreakers game plus exclusive weapon and character skins - a $39.99 value (redeemable on Steam)
  • [Physical] Abaddon’s Journal - a journal ripped from the LawBreakers game world, featuring 50+ pages containing original fiction, art, and blank, functional, journal pages - a $19.99 value (final design may vary from mockup)
  • [Physical] Two LawBreakers ultra premium character card packs featuring thick card stock and foil - one pack for each faction (LAW and BREAKERS) - a $9.99 value
  • [Physical] Exclusive vinyl LawBreakers sticker set plus a Deadzo sticker and postcard - a $4.99 value
  • [Physical] Premium individually numbered box issued by order of purchase. The box is 7.75" x 9.5" x 1.75" - the same box dimensions as many classic PC games from the 80s and 90s. The box design features embossing and will be printed with a beautiful metallic silver ink.

If you are looking to get the PS4 version of LawBreakers though, you are going to have to wait until August 4th to be able to secure your copy. It comes with all the same goodies, but you will also get a physical version of the game instead of just a digital code. The only hold up here is that there will only be 2,500 collector's editions available in this form so you may need to work fast to secure it. There will also be a basic physical version of LawBreakers on the PS4 that doesn't come with all of the extras, and will be cheaper, and that will be limited to another 5,000 copies so it is kind of like a limited edition but just in name and nothing else.

As a reminder, the LawBreakers open beta for the PC version is still going on as of this posting here. It will conclude on July 5th so if you want to give it all a spin before you pre-order and such, you still can. Or you can just have a look at a lot of "professional" gamers talk about the game and not realize that what they are saying about LawBreakers has been in other games, it's just that Boss Key Productions is putting their own spin on it all and making it more competitive. This is why I hate "influencers" and their words when they don't look into the rest of the industry. I'm just saying…

LawBreakers — Bring Your Skills!

What do you think about the collector's edition of LawBreakers that we can get right now? Do you think that it will all be worth the raised price given that the basic version isn't slated for a usual price point at release? Will you be getting the limited version on the PS4 or will it all still run and play better on the PC? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on LawBreakers as we head to the August 8th, we will have it here. Be sure to keep checking in on the site here so you don't miss out.