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Resident Evil Now For An Alternative Lifestyle
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 1st of October 2009 - 10:07 PM ]
Just to now follow up with their lack of counting ability, Capcom has just let loose a teaser for Resident Evil 5.2 Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition. A game that seems to be much like what Resident Evil Director's Cut was to Resident Evil. A new version of the game with a few little extra added in. Enough extras to warrant a new edition of the game for consumers to spend their hard earned money on. But for this game, it honestly seems like it could be worth it. Read More...
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Lord of the Rings Online Expansion Gets Date, Price
by Brian Bentley [ Thursday, 1st of October 2009 - 02:01 PM ]
Tuesday Turbine announced the release date and pricing for the second expansion for Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood. If you want to know more about the expansion itself, check out the expansion's announcement here. In that article I speculated about the digital download's price as it does not feel like a true expansion but rather the second half of the Mines of Moria expansion. As such, I had said that Siege of Mirkwood would be priced at $20 and for the most part, I was right. Sort of. Read More...
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Valve Releases Free Crash Course DLC
by Brian Bentley [ Wednesday, 30th of September 2009 - 03:36 AM ]
Today Valve released Crash Course, the next big free* DLC for their immensely popular Left4Dead franchise. Ben went into what it's all about back here, but the the gist is that between No Mercy and Death Toll, the helicopter that rescued you on top of the hospital went down and now our survivors are no longer safe. They must keep moving to stay alive. On top of the co-operative and survival modes for this campaign the versus mode includes a 30-minute limit to speed things along. Read More...
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Capcom Forgot How To Count Again
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 29th of September 2009 - 07:45 PM ]
Oh Capcom you were doing so well with the counting again. You started with Resident Evil going to four and then five. THen you continued with Street Fighter and Dead Rising, both going four and two respectfully. It was looking like the past of Super Ultra Directors Cut of an earlier title rehashed as a new title had gone the way of the dodo in your eyes. You were kicking out full and new games. Then you go and ruin it with this. Read More...
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Assassin's Creed Way Into Revenge
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 29th of September 2009 - 04:35 PM ]
If you were not excited for the new Assassin's Creed yet, this new trailer, fresh from TGS, will do some more to get you interested in playing this sequel. Or at least following the story of Assassin's Creed. As if you haven't been already. Am I right? In case you have yet to skip onto the video and are still reading, this clip shows you in an epic way why Ezio does what he is doing. Where he came from. Why he is out for vengeance. Read More...
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Terror Is Reality XVIII
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 25th of September 2009 - 10:49 PM ]
Yet another game that has had the Multiplayer mode stapled to it. You all know how I feel about that. But this time it looks like Capcom has done it in a way that could overly help with the game instead of detract. At least as story goes. It looks like what they have done is taken the survivors of the zombie plague and had them do what was done in Land of the Dead, Human on Zombie death matches. Maybe Thunder Dome with Humans vs. Zombies. Read More...
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Review: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 25th of September 2009 - 08:33 PM ]
The Civil War saga in the Marvel universe has been one of the best stories to grace comic books in quite some time. It's a great story that is an allegorical commentary in the wake of 9/11 and The Patriot Act. In the storyline, a Superhuman, Nitro, goes nuclear in Stamford, Connecticut, killing hundreds during a reality TV show. A TV show that was like COPS but following the New Warriors. Once this happens, the US public demands that Superhumans answer for their actions and the Superhuman Registration Act is put in place forcing heroes to come out and show who they are. Read More...
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The Love Child Of Square Enix & Pop Cap Games
by Corey Dockendorf [ Thursday, 24th of September 2009 - 09:12 PM ]
At TGS Square Enix announced today, their new Puzzle/RPG named Gyromancer. It's basically a highly addictive Bejewled PopCap game with the RPG fantasy twist from the best in the business. Gyromancer will be available for XBox 360 as well as Steam. Both PopCap and Square Enix have collaborated before, in Japanese games, but this is more of a creative avenue for both teams. Gamers will play a Sorcerer of the Godseye, named Rivel, and traverse through ten different stages, collecting powerful beasts to summon throughout the adventure. Pokemon? Read More...
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TGS Fantasies Are Given
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 24th of September 2009 - 07:41 PM ]
As was to be expected in the Final Fantasy Fan capital of the world, Japan, and at the game show specifically in their location, Tokyo Game Show, there is some new eye candy for the franchise. All in the form of shots of the specific Final Fantasy bundled PS3 and a nice shiny new game trailer for Final Fantasy XIV. Something to get the salivary glands overworking for us all that couldn't make TGS yet still wanted to see something from Square Enix. The themed PS3, seen below, is a bit "girlie" if I do say so. Read More...
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Plants Vs. Zombies: Play For Free
by Binh Nguyen [ Thursday, 24th of September 2009 - 04:12 PM ]
It's been months since Plants vs. Zombies has been released and you still haven't picked it up? Maybe the economy has affected you more than most people realize? Well for whatever the reason is, you do not have an excuse to not be playing Plants vs Zombies. PopCap has launched a free Flash-based version of the game off their site. “Plants vs. Zombies is a deceptively deep game that takes awhile to grow on gamers,” said Ben Rotholtz, vice president of Marketing at PopCap. Read More...
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Batman Brings More Darkness To The UK
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 23rd of September 2009 - 05:30 PM ]
The minds at Eidos and behind Batman Arkham Asylum just don't give up. Last week with the Insane Night Map Pack and now this week with the Prey in the Darkness Map Pack. Well at least this week if you live in the United Kingdom or are willing to download across country lines. At least this is all according to the press release that was sent out about this new map. Hopefully it will be a globally released thing. In any instance, these two new challenges sound just as amazing as the last two that were released. Read More...
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Calling All MMOs
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 22nd of September 2009 - 02:14 PM ]
Finally some great video on what playing a game of APB is going to feel like. At least if you can find a group of people online that are ok with having a good time and not trying to compete against each other to shame one another. People that you can imagine in control in this video. Like say for instance, the person that tried to use a car to take out someone. Or the person who was walking, looked over, and said, "Oh Shit! A Car! Read More...
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Review: Champions Online
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 21st of September 2009 - 08:31 PM ]
Hello and welcome to Millennium City. Don your tights, cape, and/or power armor and take up the good fight to save the city and in turn, the world. That is the premise of Cryptic Studios' new MMORPG Champions Online. Champions being a very popular table top RPG system and Cryptic being best known for their City of Heroes/Villains MMO. How could this paring go wrong at all? It didn't in the very least. Read More...
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Torchlight - The Vanquisher Trailer
by Brian Bentley [ Saturday, 19th of September 2009 - 06:29 AM ]
Runic Games and their publishing partner, Perfect World Entertainment, released a trailer this week demonstrating the power and grace of the third and final class, The Vanquisher. For those of you that have followed Aggrogamer since E3, we've been big fans of Torchlight and I believe this trailer is a great example of what this title can bring you. This woman is part soldier, part ninja and all explosive. Mainly a ranged weapons user, she can fire on one target, use a spread to hit many or use the environment, bouncing off walls or going around corners. Read More...
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Hell Or Rapture?
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 18th of September 2009 - 04:48 PM ]
Damn you 2K and EA! Damn you both to Tartarus! Jokingly that is. But you both have made my February and thus Valentines Day/Desperation Day much more stressful than I was hoping for. Hopefully the little lady will understand why I am glued to my PS3 and PC. First Dante's Inferno and now BioShock 2 on 2/9/10. That's right. Just announced, BioShock 2 will be out simultaneously on all three platforms on the ninth day of February in our Lords 2010th year. Read More...
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