The Ranger Is Front And Center For Hood: Outlaws & Legends


The first character class for Hood: Outlaws & Legends is here and it is the tradition Robin Hood class for it all

It is always good to see when games based on lore, as Hood: Outlaws & Legends is, try to stick closer to the source in general. Given that this is going to be a multiplayer heist game, it makes sense from the start, but also when you look at the various character classes Sumo Newcastle is offering up there will be some expectation. This is where the latest video series for the game comes in to give us a look at the classes with the first being the Ranger. A class that is that of Robin Hood in the game. A character that kind of reinforced all of the other fantasy genres out there based on this character. That is, when you look at Robin from the start one would think Ranger. This is just what he is and now we see how that will play into the larger game and story here today.

Just like a ranger, we will see this Hood stick to the shadows when needed to be able to take out some kill shots from a distance. The class will also be nimbler than others and rely on dodging attacks instead of blocking or parrying them. All that we would expect here. It also looks like there will be some upgraded and fancier moves that can be used in the matches and missions with an explosive arrow being the bigger showing here. All while mixing in all of the usual Robin Hood trick shots and the ability to fire rope arrows to allow for better map traversal. Something you and your allies will be able to use to the best of their abilities along the way. Have a look and see if this class deviates at all from what would expect in a game as Outlaws & Legends has claimed to be.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends — The Ranger

Hood: Outlaws & Legends, the multiplayer PvPvE heist game from Sumo Digital and Focus Home Interactive, introduces in-depth gameplay of one of the four playable classes available at launch. Matchmaking in opposing teams of four, choose your character based on your preferred playstyle, or what best fits your team’s strategy. In this game where cooperation is key, your team’s composition can suit a stealthy long-range approach, a brutal close combat heist, or a balanced band of Outlaws prepared for anything. Today, join game director Andrew Willans in the first playable character gameplay trailer and discover The Ranger! This is the first of a 4-episode series of gameplay trailers that will cover the four classes, so get ready for another video next week!

Snipe and scout from the shadows

The Ranger represents a twist on the most well-known figure of the folk hero legend: Robin Hood. Specialized in taking down foes from a distance, the Ranger is a master of the longbow. From covering key areas of the map to pulling off game-winning headshots, the Ranger can turn the tides of battle with deadly efficiency.

Carrying out the perfect heist can require pulling off every trick in the book. Shoot down climbing ropes to allow your teammates to scale castle walls, use your unique gear to blind foes in a flash, use your special ability to tag enemies longer and help your team spot State soldiers and opposing players, or fire off special explosive arrows to unleash destruction in a wide area.

Does this character play just as we would expect in Hood here? Would it have been a little weird if they tried to balance the melee and ranged for the character class or should it stay mostly ranged even when melee would be the better option? How well do you think the other character classes are going to fit or will it only be one other that flows perfectly well and the others that feel like a bit of a stretch from the source of it all? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all as you will. When we have more to share for Hood: Outlaws & Legends, you know we will have it here. Please keep checking in for all of that and much more.