Deathloop Is Further Explained With More Gameplay To Enjoy


The gameplay loop for Deathloop has some more footage and explanation to gear us up to enter the insanity that will be Deathloop

It feels like we keep getting more and more to talk about for Deathloop as the wait still carries on as we wait until it hits the PC and PS5. I say this, as it feels like we already know the basics of it all but Arkane want to keep dropping more on us so we can better plan on how to be this assassin caught in a time loop. In fact, it is something we get to hear multiple times in the latest we have for Deathloop out of the State of Play event and just in general as we have another breakdown on how the game will flow. All of which feels like we are living in our own time…loop…I think I see what they are doing here now…

All joking aside for now, we do have a bit of new gameplay to look at for Deathloop here that shows us different angles of the same things we have seen before. Also, there is another video that tries to explain the matrix style of gameplay we might have to take to make it easier to make it all the way through the loop and kill all of the targets. That is the end goal here and the way we are supposed to break the loop of it all. It also all focuses more on the solo play of Deathloop here so we can plan and strategize as we die and repeat it all over and over. It sounds like a great gimmick to have but the more it is hammered in, the more it sounds like it could be more on the annoying side to repeat the same motions in a bit of trial and error. I guess we will see in May.

Deathloop — Gameplay Trailer 3: Déjà Vu

Is this déjà vu? Fall deeper into the mystery of Blackreef with a brand new Deathloop gameplay trailer featuring PS5 next-gen gameplay and an original song by Sencit feat. FJØRA.

Everyone knows the feeling of déjà vu – that sensation that you’ve experienced something before. For Colt, this feeling is near-constant. Trapped in a time loop, Colt has been experiencing déjà vu for as long as he can remember. Every time the day loops, it’s a struggle to remember everything and use the knowledge he has to push himself forward and, hopefully, off the island of Blackreef.

Meet a new Visionary, “Ramblin’” Frank Spicer, and experience the “Déjà Vu” in the latest music video inspired Deathloop trailer.

Deathloop — Explained

What is Deathloop? Arkane Lyon’s own Dinga Bakaba sheds light on the mysteries of Blackreef and how to break the loop in Deathloop Explained.

There are a lot of mysteries to solve in Deathloop. What caused the time loop? Who are the Visionaries? Why does everyone on Blackreef seem to have amnesia? Who is Julianna and why is she hunting Colt? Why is everyone on the island wearing masks? How can Colt break the loop and escape the island?

We seek to answer some of these questions with help from Game Director Dinga Bakaba. Welcome to Deathloop Explained!

Are you still excited for Deathloop here or is it something that feels like we are getting repeated into the ground, which could harm it overall? Could this loop be something much more than we have seen in any of this marketing or will it be the same mission over and over while we get slightly better each time? Will there always be a defined path that we can take to close the loop and speedrunners will be able to figure it out shortly after launch? Let us all know those thoughts in the comments below and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more for Deathloop, we will share it with you here. Just keep repeating your day to come back here and see what we have.