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Wayfinder — Reveal
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 30th of December 2022 - 06:00 PM ]
Wayfinder Check out the new trailer for Wayfinder that has dropped out there for our viewing pleasure Wayfinder is a free-to-play online multiplayer action-RPG title for the PS4, PS5, and PC coming from Airship Syndicate and Digital Extremes in the future.     Wayfinder — Reveal Become a Wayfinder, and unlock their powers as you choose your path and playstyle while pushing back a hostile force that has overtaken your world. Directly shape and customize the adventures you go on with friends, because Wayfinders are stronger together. Adventure into Wayfinder, an upcoming free-to-play online multiplayer action-RPG. Read More...
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E3 2012 Impressions: Star Trek
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 15th of June 2012 - 11:11 PM ]
Last year we got to see a very behind closed doors presentation of the new Star Trek game. So closed doors I had to wait until an embargo lifted after E3 2011 to talk about it. This year was quite the opposite. In fact while I was leaving my appointment from seeing Borderlands 2 I took a wrong turn on the show floor and ended up walking down a corridor from the Enterprise leading into a transporter room where myself and a plethora of other fans were whisked away to see the presentation. Below you can see some of the side by side video from the presentation, but let me fill you in on what you don't get to see. First to clear up confusion on the below video, each side is done in the point of view of which ever character you would choose from the beginning. Read More...
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Star Trek Should Be The Push From 3D To Something More
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 20th of April 2012 - 06:07 PM ]
It's been about eight months since we last heard anything of substance from Digital Extreme's Star Trek. Why don't we go check in and see what is new? Or if anything, see if there is anything all that spectacularly new since the E3 demo recording. Well… Um… We have a couple new pieces of concept art and a teaser trailer for the game that shows roughly a minute of new stuff. Outside of the fact that it will be able to be played completely in stereoscopic 3D, there isn't really all that much to say or show. Everything is below. Read More...
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Here's Why You Should Get The Darkness II
by Matt Waitt [ Thursday, 9th of February 2012 - 05:52 PM ]
With the recent release of The Darkness II, I feel obligated to convince you guys to give this game a shot. I recently had a conference Q&A with the developers of The Darkness II. It was a fun and exciting new experience for me to sit down and listen to what challenges they faced while making the game and what are their personal favorites about the game. The Darkness II takes place two years after the first game, Jackie has gone from a mob hit man to the don of the family. Jackie has had the Darkness subdued for a couple years until he is attacked by an organization called "The Brotherhood" who know all of the Darkness' strengths and its weakness. Read More...
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Want To See What Was Shown For Star Trek At E3?
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 23rd of August 2011 - 10:59 PM ]
So back in June we got to look at Star Trek from Paramount and Digital Extremes. It was overly impressive but it was also something that was behind some extremely closed door. In fact what we saw is still not out for the public yet to its full extent. This is sad for all those Trekkies out there and hardcore Sci-Fi gamers out there. Well here is the good news for you. Below is a short clip showcasing all the awards that Star Trek received even though it was so closely guarded. Read More...
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E3 2011 Impressions: Star Trek
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 22nd of June 2011 - 03:56 PM ]
Now if you saw the Sony press conference you might have caught the small bit about a new Star Trek game coming soon with a really cool looking phaser add-on for the Move. There was extremely little shown off there and it seemed like it was just going to be a footnote in the game announcements during the conference. That was until I sought out Paramount and Digital Extremes in an underground meeting room. This is where the full announcement and game was being shown off. Read More...
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PAX East Hands-On: The Darkness II
by Matt Waitt [ Monday, 14th of March 2011 - 10:54 PM ]
After waiting two hours in line at the booth for The Darkness II my friend and I finally made it in to get our grimy little hands on the demo. We were the last batch of the day and the seven of us were ushered into the heavily guarded and boxed in booth. Inside it was dark with black lights and heavy, clear curtains dividing the actually play area from the main section. The creepy ambiance and The Darkness occasionally chiming in reminding us of its evil and demonic intentions set the mood for this sequel; Dark, Grim and Scary. Before we were able to play the actual game the Producer, Seth, gathered us around and told us that there are twelve screenshots out right now and if there happens to be a thirteenth one there is going to be hell to pay. Read More...
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Get Read To Embrace The Darkness Again
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 10th of February 2011 - 04:56 PM ]
Hey I remember when The Darkness came out. I also remember I was not able to play it due to my lack of fundage but I did get to take the demo for a whirl. Obviously not enough to make any decent or well informed judgment on the game. Nor any good point of reference for the announcement of the sequel that has just been announced quite simply named The Darkness II. So for those like me or have kind of lost memory of the game from about four years ago, let me throw out the nice recap 2K Games has written up for us. It's been two years since Jackie Estacado, now the Don of the Franchetti crime family, used The Darkness to kill the men responsible for his girlfriend's murder. Read More...
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Bioshock 2 The FPS-RPG?
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 8th of May 2009 - 05:10 PM ]
2K Games Reveals First Details Of The BioShock® 2 Multiplayer Experience No, it's not a new game being built off the franchise. Although I could see it. Wait, a second. Bioshock MMO ™ There, now I claimed the idea. But in all seriousness, after reading some of the features the new multiplayer mode will contain, you try and not let your mind wander down that path. Let me explain. The people behind bringing some of the great stuff on Unreal Tournament®, Digital Extremes, is bringing their expertise to the multiplayer aspect of Bioshock 2. Read More...
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