E3 2012 Impressions: Star Trek

First to clear up confusion on the below video, each side is done in the point of view of which ever character you would choose from the beginning. Kirk on the left and Spock on the right. This is also all done in the games co-op mode but the option to play solo is obviously still in there. This is also an in-between-quel for the rebooted franchise as well, so the story takes place after the first film and is partially a lead up to the new one. Lastly, the assets are also pre alpha so we can expect it to look and sound quite a bit better as we get closer to the release date.

Now to the demo, which opens up quite like the beginning of the video with the exception that there is a little more banter and walking about the ship. It was pretty cool to see how Digital Extremes took the time to specially script most of the NPCs in the game based on which character you are playing. For instance, while walking to Scotty the two pass by the franchise favorite green female. She acts very professional when Spock approaches her but then extremely flirty toward Kirk, including sneaking a peek as he walks away. Similar things like this happen throughout the walk demonstrating the attention to detail they are aiming for with the game.

From there the two beam down to the planet New Vulcan to check why everything has gone dead silent. Again this brings up a bit of the different play styles each character deploys as Spock is thorough and meticulous in checking for clues where Kirk just kind of does his own thing. This includes trying to trying to figure out how to push the story forward. There was one point were there was a bridge that was "out" but jumpable. Kirks player was first prompted to try and jump the chasm and hope to make it while Spock's player was alerted to a control box he could hack to fix the issue. It wasn't stated if it had to be played this way, but I'm hoping not.

Once the two made it inside and past a bit of messed up Vulcans, we all got an upfront view of the newly announced enemy for the game, The Gorn. Trekkers will know them as those horrible lizard man costumes from the TV show originally, but they do seem to have taken on new look and feel since then. They also helped demonstrate a new mechanic for the game where one player can use a tricorder to scan and display an enemy's weakness for the other to exploit. In this case, Spock ran around scanning while Kirk took shots as soon as the weaknesses popped up. Once this was done the two seemed to remember said weak spots with the rest of the Gorn that came after.

The rest of the fire fights can be seen below in the video as the demo ended shortly after the major shoot out. Just like last year I am completely impressed and can't wait for the game to come out next year alongside the film. It is great to see a film based game getting a full development cycle so as not to disappoint and flop. This one should be on all fan's radars, big or small.

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