Star Trek Should Be The Push From 3D To Something More

Well… Um… We have a couple new pieces of concept art and a teaser trailer for the game that shows roughly a minute of new stuff. Outside of the fact that it will be able to be played completely in stereoscopic 3D, there isn't really all that much to say or show. Everything is below.

Before you move on, are you as upset as I am that they are still pushing the 3D stuff for games and calling it a feature? Especially after seeing Tupac in glorious hologram form you'd think that someone would be pushing for that somehow. Even if it is in a little more expensive arcade type setting wouldn't Star Trek be one of those games we all would want to experience that way? I know I would.

Oh well. I guess I'll just hope for a better future and that the tech from Star Trek becomes a reality here sooner than later.

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