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Crucible Is Hitting Us Up This Week On Steam
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 19th of May 2020 - 05:00 PM ]
Crucible New video for Crucible is here to get us all ready for the release of Crucible over on Steam this week is you want a new F2P shooter Here we go with the latest title from Amazon Game Studio and Relentless Software as Crucible hits us all up on the PC via Steam on May 20th. That would be tomorrow for those not able to keep track of the days as of right now. Crucible also happens to be the next free to play PvP action-shooter some have been waiting for. That should get you all up to date on it all as it has been a bit sparse since the first announcement happened a while back. Read More...
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The Lord Of The Rings Is Getting A New MMO Made
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 10th of July 2019 - 09:00 PM ]
The Lord Of The Rings A new MMO for The Lord Of The Rings is in the works from Amazon Games and will take fans of The Lord Of The Rings back into the adventures they demand For those who have been hoping for another dose of The Lord Of The Rings in a video game form, get ready for a new MMO to hit you from Amazon Game Studios. Yes, the same company that is currently working on a streaming show is working on a new MMO for the PC and console gamers out there. Weirdly enough, it will not have any linking together besides the fact that it all takes place in The Lord Of The Rings universe. Read More...
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SDCC 2017 Experience — The Tick Takeover
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 28th of July 2017 - 09:00 PM ]
The Tick While out at SDCC we had a chance to check out The Tick Takeover off-site event. Here's what we experienced for The Tick Takeover at SDCC 2017 Out at San Diego Comic Con there was a huge push for The Tick's new live action TV series and all the bells and whistles that go with that. It makes perfect sense given the source material coming from the pages of the comics, the convention in general, and the fact that Amazon would really want to push to get as many people looking at the new show as possible. That is of course why they took over a large portion of the off-site real estate out there and set up The Tick Takeover for fans new and old to come and experience what the show would be bringing and also give us all kind of a real world video game to play in the mix. Here's what you may or may not have been able to experience out there all from the perceptions of the team here. Read More...
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Amazon Game Studio Is Bring Us A Trio With New World, Breakaway, And Crucible
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 4th of October 2016 - 09:00 PM ]
New World Three new games have been announced, New World, Breakaway, And Crucible, from Amazon Games Studios and all three have a description and videos for New World, Breakaway, And Crucible It's not every day that we get three titles announced from one developer but TwitchCon is a fun thing and now we have New World, Breakaway, and Crucible to look at. All three of which are in the works from Amazon Game Studio and headed to the PC at some time in the near future. The most interesting part about New World, Breakaway, and Crucible is that it looks like all three will have some pretty intense Twitch add-ins but the full details are still not completely defined just yet. Read More...
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Economical PC: A Gaming PC Under $600
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Wednesday, 14th of January 2015 - 08:00 PM ]
Specs On A Good Gaming PC For Less Than $600. Go Ahead And Give It A Build. Happy New Year everyone! With every new year there will be plenty of triple A titles being released all throughout 2015. So the time seems right to revisit the economical gaming PC building articles, and what better way to do that then with an awesome gaming PC packed full of power that comes in just under $600 dollars. Here's a quick look at this gaming PC's build components. If $600 is too pricing you can also look back at the cheaper previous gaming PC builds. Read More...
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Economical PC: A Gaming PC Under $500
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Wednesday, 23rd of April 2014 - 05:00 PM ]
Specs On A Good Gaming PC For Less Than $500. Go Ahead And Give It A Build. Our build for today is the under $500 gaming PC. We do have an honorable mention in today's build list which is the NZXT Phantom. I think NZXT makes pretty darn good cases myself and with it being less than $20 more than the case we picked out it will still come in under budget. Case: NZXT Source 210 — $39.99 (The NZXT Phantom will be releasing soon retailing at $70 so keep that in mind. Read More...
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Economical PC: A Gaming PC Under $400
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Friday, 18th of April 2014 - 05:00 PM ]
Specs on a good gaming PC for less than $400. Go Ahead And Give It A Build. Welcome back to all who read the first article. Today we go for a PC that comes in just under $400. Some of you might be wondering a few things like why the cut back from eight gigs of RAM to only four gigs of RAM. Simply put, these articles are about PC builds that come in under a certain price range. Not upgrading. With the increased budget and a few cuts this build is a complete step up in almost every way. Read More...
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Economical PC: A Gaming PC Under $300
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Thursday, 17th of April 2014 - 05:00 PM ]
Our specs for a gaming PC build under $300. Go ahead and give it a build. Hello everyone! Welcome to the first installment of articles showing off a build for an economical PC. Today we are going to focus on the $200 to $300 price range. This is going to be a very low end build. This is a very good for a starter PC, or a PC to do light 3D gaming. Pretty much if you’re looking for a PC to play Minecraft or MMOs then this is the PC for you. When PC gaming on a budget eventually there will come a time when you might want to upgrade some things. Read More...
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Have A Sneak Peek At What Amazon Game Studios Has In Store For Us
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 2nd of April 2014 - 09:00 PM ]
Amazon Game Studios has put out a trailer showcasing some of the upcoming titles for the Kindle Fire and Fire TV. Here's a sneak peek. Amazon has revealed their new Fire TV today and with that Amazon Game Studios has put out a 'sneak peek' at the games that we will soon be able to play on those Kindle Fires and Fire TVs. These of course are in addition to the Sev Zero and Sev Zero: Air Support that are already part of the new set-top library. Other titles, by the way, include NBA 2K14, The Cave, and The Walking Dead but that is not what we are showing off here. Read More...
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Rocking It In October
by Binh Nguyen [ Wednesday, 21st of July 2010 - 09:01 PM ]
This week, MTV Games and Harmonix announced that Rock Band 3 will be released on October 26th. Pricing will be the following and it is really no surprise. XBox 360: $59.99 PlayStation 3: $59.99 Nintendo Wii: $59.99 Nintendo DS: $29.99 With the addition to the date and prices there are some pre-order incentives that you will be able to obtain if you pre-order the game with one of the following Video Game retailers. Amazon: Receive access to exclusive in-game guitar and $10 video game gift card for future purchase. GameStop:: Three exclusive DLC tracks for free at launch: Burning Down the House by Talking Heads My Own Summer by Deftones Blue Monday by New Order Wal-mart. Read More...
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Increase Your Credit-ability By Pre-Ordering Madden NFL 11
by Kevin [ Sunday, 7th of February 2010 - 09:25 PM ]
Well, seeing as how today is such a special day for football fans, it seems only right to present a deal for the current king of console gridiron - the John Madden NFL series.  Personally, I'm a 2k man, but since that series has gone the way of the dodo, I present a special deal to entice the Madden community. Both Amazon and Wal-Mart are having deals concerning the newest iteration of the title.Amazon proudly proclaims, "Get a $20 Video Games Credit: Pre-order Madden NFL 11, forWii, PS2, or Xbox 360, and get $20 off a future video game purchase. Read More...
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Last But Not Least, PSN Content Now On
by Corey Dockendorf [ Wednesday, 7th of October 2009 - 10:01 PM ]
Nintendo did it, Microsoft did it, now Sony has joined the ranks of content distributors via Yes that's right, now you can head online to your friendly neighborhood and download anything from Sackboy costumes to full blown PSPGo Games. No longer will you suffer the oppression of sales tax, some locations not so lucky. I'm looking at you New York. I have just recently become addicted to the powers of the seductive Amazon, and have currently bought a metric-fuck-ton of books/equipment/bowling shoes, but now it looks like PSN titles and PSPGo titles will be added to my list. Read More...
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Gaming For Less
by Michael Camacho [ Sunday, 12th of July 2009 - 06:19 PM ]
As the stock market continues its disappointment, unemployment rises, and necessities rise in cost, it is becoming even more difficult for gamers to justify that $60 price tag on most games these days. Luckily for all of us gamers, there are various options to help us stretch our wallet. Whether you are looking to buy new, used or even trade games, I am here to broaden your horizon on various ways to nab a great deal on the game you want. Buying new can be costly, but only if you must have a game the day it comes out. Even then it is not impossible to find some good deals on brand new games. Read More...
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Ghostbusters: The Video Game Preorders
by Jesse [ Thursday, 4th of June 2009 - 06:30 AM ]
June 16th is just a little under two weeks away and Ghostbusters fans couldn’t be more excited. The highly anticipated release of the Blu-Ray editions are almost here, but more importantly so is the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Video Game. You’ll all the members of the original crew as a rookie trying to help rid New York of all sorts of ghostly ghouls. Doing their part to help hype the game’s release, Gamestop, Best Buy, Wal-mart/Sam’s Club, and are all offering preorder bonuses. Read More...
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Dollars vs Points
by Kevin [ Wednesday, 8th of April 2009 - 08:11 PM ]
From has become the first retailer to begin selling Xbox Live Arcade content, previously only available through Microsoft's official website or the Xbox 360 Marketplace.The beta service offers US customers Xbox Live Arcade game codes, Microsoft Points and subscription cards"PC gamers have enjoyed the convenience of digital downloads on for some time. Now Amazon. Read More...
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