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This Week In Video Games 9/5/22 — 9/9/22
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 9th of September 2022 - 11:00 PM ]
Video Games A lot has gone on this week in video games. Here is a recap of what we covered in the world of video games on the site this week That puts a final wrap on this week and all of the video games we had to look at and get excited for here. On top of the big review we had for Circus Electrique, we also had D23 and a whole lot of other updates for various titles out there. Cyberpunk 2077 has some new DLC on the way, God Of War: Ragnarök showed off the new realms we will be able to explore, and Evil Dead: The Game expanded itself just a bit more to keep us all busy this weekend with so many video games out there. As long as you are willing to dive in and give them all a solid play instead of heading out to the various conventions going on out there currently. Read More...
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TRON: Identity Will Be Taking Us All Back Into The Grid In A New Way
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 9th of September 2022 - 09:00 PM ]
TRON A new TRON title was announced during D23 this year with TRON: Identity on its way to suck us all back into the IP Just when you think certain IPs out there are lost to our nostalgia and memories, we get the announcement for TRON: Identity out of D23 this year. As the name alludes to, it is a new title in the line that will have us back on the grid with Bithell Games helming this new out into the cyberspace. So it looks like it is time to get those Identity Discs back on and break into the Grid one more time as we uncover the extra secrets that TRON: Identity has to off up. Well, at least when it hits the PC and consoles in the future. Read More...
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Kingdom Hearts III Has A New Trailer From The D23 Expo Japan
by Kenton Winkfield [ Monday, 28th of October 2013 - 04:15 PM ]
While we all sit around waiting for any news we can get about Kingdom Hearts III, Japan gets their glimpses first. During the first annual D23 Expo Japan a gameplay trailer was released filled with all new content that is coming to Kingdom Hearts III. But first, for those who don't already know, D23 is the official Disney Fan Club. It is named after 1923, which was the year Walt Disney first arrived in Hollywood and created the Disney Company. The D23 Expo stands to showcase and inform the Disney fans of upcoming changes to the Disney universe, whether those changes relate to theme parks, movies, or video games. Read More...
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