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Slashing Prices Like Jason Voorhees
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 05:15 PM ]
Annalist think there will be another Price cut for the PS3 It is nothing official announced by Sony at all, but looking at it from a financial stand point, it makes sense. They have been trying to break even on the cost of production and advertisement costs that they have already paid. Hence the high price at launch, and really right now as well. But with the announcement of Blu-Ray being the new video format and the fact that there are a bunch of new bundles coming, they should be in the green very soon. Which brings us to why the price cut. Read More…
MGS4 Content Barely Fits Inside Box
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 06:00 AM ]
MGS4's Content to massive to fit on anything but Blu-Ray According to a few sites out there, it has been stated that there is no English track on the new Metal Gear game for the fact that it just couldn't be fit on to the Blu-Ray disk. So no subtitles or English voice track on the Japanese version. Which means that unless you can speak and read the language, you will have to wait for the game to come in your language instead of importing. Sounds bad at first, but that means that they used up the entire 50GB there has to be a really long game or a game that will blow everyone's minds. Read More…
Opening Acts For Aerosmith
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 05:58 AM ]
Aerosmith's Version of Guitar Hero Ok, so this might fix the new Guitar Hero game due out in June. When they announced the next iteration of the franchise was going to be an Aerosmith version, I know I groaned at it. Not saying I hate the band, but what is fun about playing only one band's songs. But digging a bit further, they will have "Opening Acts" and "Special Guests" in the game. These will be bands that Aerosmith chose to be in the game along side them. Could make sure the game doesn't flop out. Read More…
Brainscan 2.0 (Am I The Only One Who Saw That Film?)
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 05:56 AM ]
Emotiv EPOC™ Needs Beta Tester So I posted before about how Emotiv was bringing a controller onto the market that used brain waves to control the game. It was in the old news section before you start searching for it. There were a few videos of other reporters using the device to lift in game items or make them vanish. The ultimate Jedi training simulator. Well now it looks like they are ready to push forward with the whole thing and push it into closed beta. Read More…
Wii Wiill Soon Have More Content
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 05:51 AM ]
The Wii Ware Site is now live In case you didn't know or have been living in a cold war re-enactment zone, Wii will soon have some new content along with some awesome games come May of this year (2008). From the looks and rumors of it, it won't just be old ports to the new system or anything. Pricing has not been set as of yet. The site that is up is only in Japanese, if you follow the link Google will translate for you. Here is a short list of what looks like will be coming out soon. Read More…
Dexter Game Planned
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 04:24 AM ]
Looks like we are getting a Dexter video game to play IGN reports on plans for Marc Ecko Entertainment to create a game based on Dexter, the recursive serial killer Showtime series. Read More…
Red Alert 3 Beta To Be Included With Command & Conquer 3: Limited Collection
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 04:18 AM ]
If you purchase the Command & Conquer 3: Limited Collection you will be getting into the beta for Red Alert 3 reporting that EA to sell C&C 3 Collection along with Red Alert 3 beta access: On March 24, for $49.99, you'll be able to pick up the package that will contain the combined 45 single-player missions that make up two decades of Tiberium lore, from the rise of Kane and the rebirth of Nod all the way through the Third Tiberium War and beyond. Also included are over two hours of the franchise's trademark high-definition, live-action movies starring Natasha Henstridge, Josh Holloway, Michael Ironside, Billy Dee Williams, and of course Joe Kucan as Kane. Read More…
Study Reveals Gamer Age, Gender Surprises
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 01:21 AM ]
A new study shows that 38 percent of gamers are women Study Reveals Gamer Age, Gender Surprises Source: Wired A recent list of facts published by the Entertainment Software Association reveals that 38 percent of gamers are women, despite common stereotypes that say otherwise. Read More…
Indie Game Showcase 2008
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Monday, 3rd of March 2008 - 09:23 PM ]
The 2008 Indie Game Show case is looking for contestants and it could be you I just got word that Indie Game Showcase 2008 is looking for games to be voted on. This time around they are awarding, Student Developer Award, which will have a cash scholarship award. It's time for ECD Systems' INDIE GAME DEVELOPER'S CONTEST and we are now accepting game entries. This is our annual event to showcase new games and talent. Great prizes. Read More…
Left 4 Dead New Media And Preview
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Monday, 3rd of March 2008 - 06:29 AM ]
IGN has given us an awesome look at Left 4 Dead this week Left 4 Dead was the center of attention this weekend as a result of exclusive coverage from Game Trailers and a preview by IGN. The IGN preview focuses on the experience of playing as the various infected bosses - the hunter, smoker, boomer, and tank. Read More…
Rock Band Goes Truckin' With Downloadable Grateful Dead Tracks
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Monday, 3rd of March 2008 - 06:21 AM ]
Anyone Down for Grateful Dead on Rock Band? First six out of eighteen classic Grateful Dead master recordings set to hit Rock Band Harmonix and MTV Games today announced plans to take gamers on a long strange trip with the first selection of downloadable Grateful Dead tracks for the revolutionary music video game Rock Band. On March 4th, gamers looking to channel their inner Dead Head can download six of the legendary band's most popular tracks, including "China Cat Sunflower" (from 1969's Aoxomoxoa), "Casey Jones" (from 1970's Workingman's Dead), "Sugar Magnolia" and "Truckin'" (both from 1970's American Beauty), "Franklin's Tower" (from 1975's Blues For Allah) and "I Need A Miracle" (from 1978's Shakedown Street). Over the next several months, the iconic group will make a total of eighteen master recordings from its diverse catalog available as digitally distributed game levels for Rock Band. Read More…
GDC 2008 Interview: Audiosurf
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Monday, 25th of February 2008 - 09:45 PM ]
At GDC 2008 I was able to interview Dylan Fitterer about his latest title Audiosurf Dylan Fitterer is the creator of the excellent Audiosurf, a musical racing game that turns any mp3 track into a loop-the-loop high-speed course. It is safe to say you can't get PWNED by other players but I still give this awesome game a A+ for the concept and idea alone. In fact if you want to play this awesome game I have 4 keys to give away if you have Steam. Just send me a private message via PWNED. Read More…
Good Vs Bad You Be The Judge!
by Aaron BlueWolf72 Molloy [ Sunday, 24th of February 2008 - 09:19 PM ]
2008 is going to be a year for awesome game releases. Will the media spin video games in a negative view more this year? In today's world two things are true. You are getting PWNED or you give the PWNAGE. So we asked our registered users how they felt about the video game industry getting blamed for people's actions and the aftermath that ensues in some cases. Let's face it no one's blamed Frogger for jay walking. Let's not even get me started on Pitfall. Read More…
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