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Movie Date or PSP Game?
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 14th of January 2009 - 05:50 PM ]
Get LocoRoco 2 for the Cost of Just Two Movie Tickets! Given the times that money is suppose to be tight, it would be nice to be able to manage your entertainment money in the right way. Right? No need to shell out the cash of crappy films or films that will make you ball like a little kid who just had their candy stolen from them by an evil kleptomaniac. Unless you are into that over playing an addictive game. Well just to give you an alternative to going to the above mentioned, Sony is placing out LocoRoco 2 for the cost of taking a date to go see a film. Read More...
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Top 10 Reasons To Be A Gamer in 2009
by Ben Brody [ Friday, 2nd of January 2009 - 08:53 AM ]
As we say goodbye to 2008, we also say goodbye to what was a great year for gamers. Games like GTA IV, Fallout 3, and Metal Gear Solid 4 invaded our consoles and also our hearts. Fear not, however, as 2009 will kick an equal if not higher amount of ass!So here are some reasons to love 2009Top 10 Reasons to Love Games in 200910. GhostBustersMany of us fell in love with the Ghostbusters as children and secretly wanted to be one. Well when June rolls around we can all live out our fantasies on the virtual screen when Atari releases Ghostbusters on the 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PC, and DS9. Read More...
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Try Out LocoRoco 2?
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Monday, 17th of November 2008 - 10:20 PM ]
LocoRoco 2 In Flash If you have a PSP and have not tried the first one, I totally recommend it. It is addictive and so fun that you find yourself twisting your body to try and make some of the jumps and turns in the game. But this isn't why I bring this up. So what am I blathering about? Well it looks like you will be getting an early look at the new version of the game. Well somewhat. It is a flash demo of some of the things that you can look forward to when the game finally comes out or they release the PSP demo of the game. Read More...
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[PSP Import Review] Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist
by Michael Camacho [ Saturday, 25th of October 2008 - 05:44 AM ]
Ikki Tousen is a fan service anime, all about breasts, fighting, pantsu, Chinese history and more breasts. So with the PSP release of Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist, Marvelous Entertanment brings us a toned downed eroge side scrolling beat-'em-up of the anime.  While you won't see any type of nudity, there are more than enough suggestive images that unlock throughout the game. The game is out in Japan only, and most likely will never see a U.S. Read More...
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Introducing the PSP 3000
by Sam [ Wednesday, 20th of August 2008 - 05:59 PM ]
Sony Computer Entertainment America has released further information on the new model of the PSP, officially known as the PSP 3000. The PSP 3000 model will be available in North America this October shipping with Ratchet & Clank Size Matters. SCEA describes the PSP 3000's new LCD screen as having "a wider color gamut and higher contrast ratio to deliver deeper, more vibrant colors, as well as anti-reflection technology so you can see the screen more clearly when playing outdoors." SCEA will ship the standalone "Core Pack" version of the PSP 3000 "later this year" for $169.99. Read More...
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IdolM@ster Makes Jump From 360 To PSP In Japan
by Michael Camacho [ Tuesday, 5th of August 2008 - 12:02 AM ]
Namco Bandai announced last week that their hit game series IdolM@ster will be released for the Sony PSP this winter in Japan, as not 1 title, but 3 seperate titles.  For those not familiar with the IdolM@ster series, the game is a virtual simulator where you create your very own Japanese Music Idol.  You handle their schedule, costumes, song choices, and happiness/stress levels, to create the #1 Idol.  The series has been a huge hit in arcades and one of the biggest hits on the Xbox 360 in Japan. Read More...
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Ikkitousen EF Limited Edition Figure Revealed!
by Michael Camacho [ Friday, 20th of June 2008 - 08:12 PM ]
Thanks to a Kotaku story, I found out Marvelous has finally announced and revealed the actual figure to be included in the Ikkitousen EF Limited Edition set for the Sony PSP.  As noted prior, it features the mother-daughter team of Hakafu and Goei.  The figure set is actually a pun referring to "Oyako donburi", which means "parent and child donburi" which is a dish made of Rice, Egg and Chicken.  But as interesting as that is, we all know everyone is more interested in the figure itself.  So here is some images of said figure:       Now we know the OBVIOUS joke of "2 Girls 1 cup" here, but it has already been used a few times over on other sites, so we will leave it be. Read More...
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Ikkitousen: Elequent Fist Flashes Us With A Trailer and New Screenshots
by Michael Camacho [ Thursday, 12th of June 2008 - 08:06 PM ]
As the title states, Marvelous has released new screenshots and a nice trailer to go along with them of the upcoming PSP game Ikkitousen: EF. EF stands for Eloquent Fist, which is actually a clever twist on words on Ero-quent.  Ero = erotic or in the Japanese video game scene, Eroge.  And Ero-Quent is a very accurate statement in describing this game.  The trailer entitled "Blast Milk Promotional Video", should clue you in to this trailer definitely being NSFW.  And NSFW it is, as in tune with the show is an abundance of bouncing breasts, panty shots and torn up clothes. Read More...
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To LOVE[Ru] DS & PSP Game Covers Released And More
by Michael Camacho [ Monday, 2nd of June 2008 - 09:10 PM ]
Late last week Dengeki announced that the Official Site for the To LOVE[Ru] games was revealed. Along with it, the covers of both games have debuted as well as release dates.  The DS version, entitled "To LOVE[Ru] Forest School Compilation" will be released first and will be using the Stylus and Touch Screen in a similar manner as the Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! titles.  Basically, you will be rubbing the girls in their injured areas to heal them. Read More...
Tags: psp, ds, japan, anime, import, to, love, ru,
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Ikki Tousen EF Coming to Japanese PSPs This Fall
by Michael Camacho [ Tuesday, 27th of May 2008 - 06:34 PM ]
This Fall, October 2nd 2008 to be exact, anime and manga fans of Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens in the U.S.) can beat-'em-up on the go.  Ikki Tousen: Eloquent Fist, or EF, for short will make it's debut on the Sony PSP as a side scrolling 2D Action/Beat-'Em-Up game.  The anime best known as fan service due to it's featuring of girls battling out in dresses and short skirts, as well as featuring many ecchi moments such as clothing being literally ripped to shreds and gratuitous panty shots. The game will feature animation sequences reproduced from the CD and look very well done on the PSP's small screen.  And yes, just like in the anime and manga series, the game features a Costume Destruction System, so as more damage is taken, the less clothes the character will have. Read More...
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Japan: PSP Still #1 System In Weekly Sales
by Michael Camacho [ Friday, 23rd of May 2008 - 02:41 PM ]
This may come as a surprise to those within the U.S. and Europe, as everyone knows how Nintendo holds the number one spot in system sales lately.  But does Nintendo hold that spot within it's home country of Japan.  Surprising to many outside of Japan, Sony's PSP is consistently holding that ranking according to the Media Create Software Chart.  How is it sustaining such a lead in sales you may ask.  Well the answer is simple for Japanese gamers, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, and since it's release, has helped the PSP reach and maintain the #1 Spot. Read More...
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New Bronze Age for the PSP
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Tuesday, 4th of March 2008 - 05:47 PM ]
Japan Gets A New Color For The PSP - Bronze Not only do they get all the new stuff first, they also get all the other iterations of colored PSPs. Coming on the 24th of April, they can add yet another color to their arsenal of colored PSP. It will be a Bronze color, like the title said (Yea I know, big surprise right?). This of course comes about a month after the Monster Hunter limited edition version of the PSP. Read More...
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