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Sea Of Thieves Is Going To Have A Closed Beta Before Launch
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Wednesday, 10th of January 2018 - 08:00 PM ]
Sea Of Thieves There is going to be a closed beta for Sea Of Thieves here soon to make sure players know what they are getting into with Sea Of Thieves as well as fix some bugs, presumably It looks like those wanting to try Sea Of Thieves before shelling out their cash for it will get their chance to do so here in a few weeks. It has just been announced that Rare will be holding a closed beta for the game between January 24th and January 29th so players on the Xbox One and PC can see if this is going to be a game for them, but also to test out the servers and game before the March 20th release of the game. Feelings for Sea Of Thieves have been mixed among those who have seen some of the game already, and this could be a great way to entice more players in. Read More...
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Be More Pirate In The Latest Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Video
by Julia Schoebel [ Tuesday, 21st of November 2017 - 08:00 PM ]
Sea Of Thieves A bit more gameplay for Sea Of Thieves is here to show us how we can be more of a pirate in all of the events of Sea Of Thieves It looks like it is time for more Sea Of Thieves gameplay to look at here as we have the next video out here to sell us more on the game and get us all ready to dive into the fun on our PC and Xbox One. Be that when the game launches in 2018 or when Rare finally kicks off the beta for the game where we will all get to loot, sing, and shoot our way around all of the game's maps and world. Of course, this is all if Sea Of Thieves does not get hit with another delay as it did not too long ago. Read More...
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Banjo Kazooie N&B Text Patch is Here
by Sam [ Sunday, 21st of December 2008 - 06:46 PM ]
For all those who played Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts and had a hard time reading all the small text, you'll be pleased to know that the patch to enlarge the text is out now. This had caused problems because there was no voice acting in the game, like the other 2 Banjo Kazooie games, and certain underpowered rigs made it hard to read the dialog which contains clues and instructions throughout the game. Rare wasn't going to fix it but somebody got it out a month and a half later. Read More...
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Rare Japanese Famicom (NES) Cart Sells For Over $4,000
by Michael Camacho [ Monday, 1st of December 2008 - 09:09 PM ]
Over in Japan, a super rare Famicom (NES) title has sold at auction for over ¥401,010, which converts to roughly $4,250. The title of said game is Kikenbutsu no Yasashii Butsuri to Kagaku, or “The Tender Physics & Science of Explosive Materials”. While it sounds like it could possibly be of eroge nature, it sadly is not. It was used in training for employees of Idemitsu Kosan Ltd.and developed by well known publisher Konami. Read More...
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