Be More Pirate In The Latest Sea Of Thieves Gameplay Video

Sea Of Thieves

A bit more gameplay for Sea Of Thieves is here to show us how we can be more of a pirate in all of the events of Sea Of Thieves

It looks like it is time for more Sea Of Thieves gameplay to look at here as we have the next video out here to sell us more on the game and get us all ready to dive into the fun on our PC and Xbox One. Be that when the game launches in 2018 or when Rare finally kicks off the beta for the game where we will all get to loot, sing, and shoot our way around all of the game's maps and world. Of course, this is all if Sea Of Thieves does not get hit with another delay as it did not too long ago. I am going to doubt that would be the case, but it is something we all need to be ready for as it seems to happen all too often in the gaming world.

So, while we have some new-ish gameplay here for Sea Of Thieves today, it looks like this is going to be more marketing fluff than actually any details for the game that are truly new. We get to see more of the little and grander things we can do in the game here, but with no description or explanation. I know I am curious on the undead ship that we get to explore or just go to that is kind of highlighted in the following trailer. Maybe this is a "respawn" location as well for when we actually die in Sea Of Thieves similar to how it works in MMO games out there. I am going to guess not given that the video shows a very much alive character heading toward it, but it would be cool to come back out of Davey Jones' locker to enter back into the fray.

Have a look at the latest video for Sea Of Thieves here and get ready to be more of a pirate. There is no telling how long you will be prepping though as it is still slated to launch in Q1 or Q2 in 2018. You can still sign up to be part of the beta test Rare is going to run through, so there is still that.

Sea Of Thieves — Be More Pirate

Tying in with the release of Xbox One X, here's the latest trailer for Rare's shared world adventure Sea of Thieves in all its ocean-going glory. Enjoy sampling just some of the piratical pleasures that lie in wait! #BeMorePirate today and race with blunderbuss blazing to the official game site where you can find out more

Does anything in the above video stand out to you as new for Sea Of Thieves or did you already know it was all coming? Could this video signal that maybe we are going to see the game launch in Q1 of 2018 instead of the later schedule? Would it not be cool to be able to explore the undead lands of pirates as well as be able to come back from it all? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. As more for Sea Of Thieves comes out, we will have it here. Just keep coming right back here and you will see it all in due time.