This Week In Video Games 1/3/22 — 1/7/22

Video Games

A lot has gone on this week in video games. Here is a recap of what we covered in the world of video games on the site this week

There we go starting off this year with all kinds of fun for our video games out there. There might have not been many on the groundbreaking side, but out of CES 2022 we did get to find out about the PSVR 2 and Horizon Call Of The Mountain that will be coming out with it. We had one more look at Elden Ring and the sad news that E3 would not be taking place in person this year. All of the news for our video games cannot always be happy news, sadly. We will carry on and enjoy everything that we can for now, though.

Pushing onward from all of that, we should start seeing the general news for all of our video games starting to flow out there again. Given how things are heading toward the digital side of it all, this will be the way we get all of the news for the next year again. Even if that is at a bit of a detriment to us over here. It is what it is and we will keep carrying on with it all. All while enjoying more of those video games we love to talk about too. Some of which we might have a live stream for in the near future to give you a look at what we do behind the scenes when we cannot be out on the show floors.

As with every other week now here is our list of video games we were able to cover in the news for the week. Have fun reading through all of it and hopefully you will learn something you did not know before. Until next week, have fun with all of those video games, and Happy Gaming!