A New Call Is Being Made Here For Horizon Call Of The Mountain


A whole new VR experience in the Horizon setting is on the way with the announcement for Horizon Call Of The Mountain

It seems like we are getting some big announcements out of CES 2022 in the world of gaming and here we go with Horizon Call Of The Mountain popping things off. Just a month before the big release for Guerrilla Games' next installment to the IP, but this one will be coming later down the line and also with the help from Firesprite. Not only that, but this Horizon title will also be hitting the PS5 on the recently announced PSVR2 out of the event. Yes, this is kind of a double whammy here, but we will focus on the game for now as we try to learn more about the hardware. More so since we have something to see here right now for the game.

There may not be much for Horizon Call Of The Mountain as of yet, but we have a small look at how this VR experience will look. It does look like we will be placed into the universe again and not through the eyes of Aloy here. The clip is short, but it does look like we are following along with another tribe through the lands and experiencing the massive robots and lush world the teams have always made. I have a feeling it will not keep most of the high-action that we normally experience in the Horizon titles, but maybe the new technology could get us all one step closer. Even if it would be a bit rough to do a dive roll with the big headset on.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain — Teaser

Horizon Call Of The Mountain, created for PlayStation’s Next-Gen VR hardware, is an upcoming brand-new adventure in the world of Horizon.

Embrace a new level of immersion in a unique experience, designed to push hardware technology, innovation, and gameplay.

Developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite.

Do you think that having a VR experience for Horizon will work out well or do you think it will be a basic walk through the world? Do you think this will be a title to help highlight all of the new tech features or will it be something to truly expand the IP? Would you want to do all of the high-action parts of the game here or do you want something a little more chill? Feel free to let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss it all. We will have more for Horizon Call Of The Mountain as it flows out there, so be sure to keep checking back for all of that and more. I am sure there will be a whole lot more.