Death Stranding Director’s Cut Is Getting Closer To Launch On The PC

Death Stranding

A new release window for the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is set with Death Stranding aiming for Spring now

PC gamers are now one step closer to getting to experience what the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is going to have for them here. Also being delivered out of CES 2022 of all places, but it looks like 505 Games is setting things down for the Kojima Productions game and not on the PS4 and PS5. Those that have been waiting patiently to experience what Death Stranding has to offer will be able to get just that in Spring of 2022. Okay, it is not a specific date but it is a shorter three-month window that it was for the entire 2022 year that it was before. Small wins and all.

All of this came about while it was also announced that the Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be incorporating Intel's new Xe Super Sampling technology in the game. Something that is claiming to use machine learning to enable us to experience the environments of Death Stranding in a unique way. I am not sure how this is going to elevate the experience beyond just highlighting the new technology, but it is going to be an option for those that will be able to run it all. No matter the case, we can now look to see when more of the stands will be out there for our fellow gamers.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut — Final Trailer

505 Games, global publisher of the PC version of Hideo Kojima’s genre-defying Death Stranding in partnership with Kojima Productions, revealed at the CES 2022 trade show it will also publish the Death Stranding Director’s Cut. Death Stranding Director’s Cut on PC will launch simultaneously on both the Epic Games Store and Steam in Spring 2022.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is the definitive Death Stranding experience, expanded for PC, and will, for the first time, incorporate Intel’s new Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) graphics technology for an enhanced experience for PC players. XeSS uses machine learning to enable players to explore the unique environment of Death Stranding Director’s Cut in high graphical detail along with elevated performance.

Are you at all surprised that things are still vague for Death Stranding or did you expect to see a final release for it? Do you think it will be early in the Spring or will it be pushing the limits based on the world currently? Do you think you will be able to notice how the environment will look better here or will you still be looking that the PS4 era visuals? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. More for the Death Stranding Director’s Cut is on the way, so please keep checking back for all of that and more.