This Week In Video Games 6/1/15 — 6/5/15

What a week we have had in video games here huh? We had Fallout 4 officially announced. We had XCOM 2officially announced. We had a whole lot of Batman: Arkham Knight news and videos. We even were able to get a whole bunch more on some new video game characters in the way of Overwatch and Drawn To Death. All of those characters have yet to be seen in a video games as of yet so they are all knew to us and deserving of the time. I expect cosplaying to come soon now as we have a larger list of video game character to choose from.

Moving on into other things here for video games though. As usual we have the nice little list of links to everything we were able to cover in the world of video games this week. As a little extra note, and to be a bit more social with you fans out there, I'll give you a bit more on what is going on in the background here. We are still working on a review for The Witcher 3 and Hatred so keep an eye out for that next week. Also as we are leading into E3 expect all kinds of news and updates but note we won't be able to cover everything. It will all be coming. There are a lot of video games out there and we are only so many.

Now you know a little of what is going on behind the scenes as we try to cover everything in the video game world. For now have a look at the usual list, have a nice weekend, and happy gaming all!

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