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Mad Catz Is Getting Back Into The Game After Being Slightly Dead
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 4th of January 2018 - 08:00 PM ]
Mad Catz Gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz is back after only being dead to the world for a short while and hitting us hard with new Mad Catz products for CES Early last year we all caught wind that Mad Catz was filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, was thought to be liquidating, and looking like it would not be coming back to bring us any more hardware to play our games with. It was sad news for a lot and seemed like we would need to start looking to the competition for more of what we wanted for our PC and/or consoles. At least if you are into having flashier things and cool add-ons to make your gaming experience just that little bit extra special. Read More...
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