This Week In Video Games 2/23/15 — 2/27/15

It's week like this in the video game industry that makes sites like ours look like video game fan sites instead. By that I mean when one or two titles dominate the news for the week to the point where almost everything written and covered is on only those titles. This week Mortal Kombat X, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Final Fantasy XV did just that to us as they had so much going on to cover for the week. Those three pretty much took up 50% of the video game news on our site here. Insanity but greatly appreciated as they are titles that we all want and none of it all the horrible of news all around.

That is not to discount the little bits for the other titles that are coming out in the next few months that are trying to grab some kind of attention in the world of video game news. I mean, there was some new info for Street Fighter V and Grand Theft Auto V. Also a sad look at the Legacy Of Kain title that will never truly be. I guess there had to be some kind of sadness in this week for video games. They can't all be winners right?

As is the usual case, we have everything we were able to cover in video game news this week in a nice digest kind of form. Have fun looking through it all and have fun playing all of those video games that are already out. Let's hope next week is on the same kind of high that we had this week. Happy gaming all!

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