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Review: DeathSpank
by 345 [ Monday, 19th of July 2010 - 06:46 PM ]
DeathSpank is the latest game to feature Ron Gilbert's involvement, famous for creating The Secret of Monkey Island, among other games. Originally a comic strip character featured in one of Gilbert's Grumpy Gamer series, DeathSpank the game can be summed up as a loot game, similar to Diablo. However, the main difference (and gimmick) here is that the story and characters act as a parody to that genre, and the entire game itself is very much based around its humor. While this definitely adds to the charm and style of the game, it ultimately felt like the ironic clichés were too over-the-top and childish. Playing DeathSpank is relatively simple, and the controls are very similar to most any other dungeon crawler made for consoles in the past. Read More...
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