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Review: Double Dragon: Neon
by Fred Buell [ Wednesday, 3rd of October 2012 - 04:58 PM ]
Double Dragon: Neon is as the developers say; "A love letter to the 80s" and it is that and so much more. Double Dragon: Neon brings us the return of the Lee brothers; Billy and Jimmy and their quest to save Marian, the staple of 80s games, "the kidnapped maiden". This time she has been kidnapped by a new villain, Skullmageddon. Skullmageddon is a giant skeleton armored in... Well a suit made from bones. Read More...
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Double Dragon Neon: A Love Letter To The 80's
by Matt Waitt [ Friday, 7th of September 2012 - 09:05 PM ]
The guys over at Majesco Entertainment have recently released a game play trailer for their upcoming title Double Dragon Neon. Double Dragon Neon is a reboot of the beloved classic Double Dragon. The game follows the story of two brothers (Jimmy and Billy Lee) in their journey to save their friend "Marian" who has been kidnapped. Double Dragon Neon also features 80's themed music, which can be found throughout the game and put into your "mix-tape" to listen to while you play. A variety of enemies including; Thugs, Monsters, and Huge Bosses. Read More...
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Aggrocast Episode Ninety Six: PAX, Max and Mass Effect 3
by Brian Bentley [ Wednesday, 25th of April 2012 - 04:42 PM ]
Matt, Corey and Brian are at it again for another rousing episode of the Aggrocast. The guys touch on a myriad of topics this episode ranging from Lollipop Chainsaw to Double Dragon Neon to the next installment of God of War. Matt does a tell-all on his experiences at PAX East, including his kinect-winning performance. There is also plenty of talk about the recently released technical specifications for the PC version of Max Payne 3. We also talk about their latest adventures in gaming - including World of Warcraft, Hero Academy, Dante's Inferno, Mass Effect 3 and Witcher 2. Read More...
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