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A New Remake Is On The Way The Announcement Of Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 25th of May 2023 - 09:00 PM ]
Metal Gear Solid A new Metal Gear Solid title is on the way with the announcement we have for Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater It looks as if Konami is at it again with giving us another Metal Gear Solid title in the mix with the main brains behind it all no longer at the wheel. We know the last time did not go over so well, but maybe the next go will. Especially if they do something easier and just remake one of the titles from the IP that fans loved. This is why we are here with the announcement that Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater is on the way. Read More...
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