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WarCorner: Real ID Party Available For Testing
by Corey Dockendorf [ Friday, 15th of July 2011 - 04:30 PM ]
Blizzard a while back made mention that players would be able to group together (same faction) and be able to run through random dungeons together across servers. Crazy I know, but it is Blizzard. They have the technology and the man power to make such miracles happen. I got an e-mail today confirming just that. The Real ID Party system went into live testing today and players will be able to experience cross-realm game play with friends. How this works is players will be required to have the Real ID of their friends they want to play with and invite them into a group. Read More...
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Blizzard Suspending Use Of Real Names In Their Forums
by Brian Goodman [ Monday, 12th of July 2010 - 04:21 PM ]
A heated debate has been going on in the Blizzard community lately over a new concept called Real ID. Blizzard understandably annoyed with the sheer volume of trolling and flaming going on in their forums, originally decided to require real names with forum posts. After a community uproar, they have resolved to postpone the use of real names. I clearly am proof of using your real name online will not prevent someone from spewing vitriol and being an internet troll (just read any post I've written about Nintendo). Instead of enacting an instant update Blizzard will still be phasing in its use of the RealID system, just not until Starcraft II and subsequently World of Warcraft: Cataclysm crawl out of our dreams and into our local game retailer's shelves. Read More...
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