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Console Gamers Will Lose Their Minds As Conarium Is Coming
by Duke Searles [ Tuesday, 6th of February 2018 - 10:00 PM ]
Conarium It has been officially announced that Conarium will be heading to the major consoles this year so more players can lose their minds with Conarium If you felt like you missed out on Conarium due to not having a gaming PC or choosing to play there, then you will be glad to know that now the game is heading over to the PS4 and Xbox One. Sorry to those Switch gamers out there, as it does not look like Iceberg Interactive has any plans to have Zoetrope Interactive to bring it over there. Maybe in the future, but for now Conarium is looking to expand out to the other major consoles on the market. Read More...
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A New Psychological Horror Games I Coming In The Way Of Inmates
by Jana Lass [ Friday, 25th of August 2017 - 09:00 PM ]
Inmates Another psychological horror title is in the works, Inmates, and it looks like Inmates will be bringing all kinds of terror just as we have seen before Out at Gamescom it looks like we had another announcement in the form of a game called Inmates. It may sound like this may be some kind of commentary on the prison systems around the world, but in fact this is a new psychological horror game from Iceberg Interactive that will be driving right on to the PC in a few month. The actual release date is not set down just yet, but it has been stated that Inmates will release in the next few months so take that as you will. At a $9. Read More...
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