Lovecraft Meets Cyberpunk With The Tease Of Transient


A new thriller title, Transient, is teased out there where Transient will mix together themes from the Cyberpunk and Lovecraft genres

Add one more tease for us all as Transient is the latest game to do just that with very little to work with. Given that Iceberg Interactive has placed it out there and will be launching in 2020 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, I guess it makes some kind of sense to just tease us. Although, when you drop things like Transient will be a mixture of the Cyberpunk and Lovecraft genres from Stormling Studios, it feels like we deserve more for it all. That could just be me and wanting more than the short little video we have announcing all of this.

As of right now, do not expect much more for Transient than I have given you here. Outside of the fact we will be playing as a hacker named Randolph whom is part of a group called ODIN. The details for Transient are still very few and far between. At least it is coming from a team that knows the genres well and we will hopefully have more out of E3 or the various other gaming shows coming up here. That would be the best bet with the timing of this teaser dropping out there. Have a look and see if this will be a game for you.

Transient — Teaser Trailer

Transient is a Lovecraftian, cyberpunk thriller that takes place in a distant, post-apocalyptic future. Players will take control of Randolph Carter, a member of a notorious hacker-for-hire group called ODIN, inside Domed City Providence.

Do you have any good thoughts on Transient or is it still too soon to tell? Do you think these two genres will blend perfectly for this title or is it something that is more on the trendy side for now? Do you suspect that we will have something more substantial in the coming weeks or will we need to wait until next year to get anything like that? Let us all know down in the comments. When we finally have something more for Transient, it will be added to the site. Just keep checking back for that and more.