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Cosplay Culture Was Out In Force At Animazement 2017
by Dakota B. Johnson [ Friday, 4th of August 2017 - 05:00 PM ]
Animazement There was a lot going on at Animazement but I will say that Animazement was the best place for cosplaying Ever since we were young many of us dreamed of growing up to become our favorite video game or anime character. I had no clue that so many years later I’d be going to conventions like Animazement dressed as a vault dweller and seeing so many others donning their amazing costumes. People draw inspiration from a variety of sources. Comics, Anime, and Video Games just to name a few. Read More...
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PAX East: Cosplayers Came Out To Play
by Binh Nguyen [ Monday, 29th of March 2010 - 10:34 PM ]
Boston has their own anime convention called Anime Boston. You would think that even with just that convention the people in the Boston area would be satisfied dressing up as their favorite anime, cartoon, and video game characters. Well that was not the case here at PAX East. With all the video games demos, accessories, and many other items on the show floor, the Cosplayers came out and showed what they had in their closets. Some of which was pretty good. Like the Bayonetta twins (no they weren't actual twins), the guy in the Gear suit, and the Team Fortress 2 group. Read More...
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by Stephanie Naboshek [ Wednesday, 21st of January 2009 - 08:42 PM ]
Like most fangirls, Cosplay is a typical part of my geek life. Being a Valve fanatic, I gather every year at A-KON to cosplay with my fellow valve fangirls and fanboys for a weekend of fun, frags and photos. Last year I encountered many Chell cosplayers, but none of which had a gun from the game as realistic and inspiring as this. Emily, as I assume that's her name, struck big when her boyfriend commissioned her a Portal Gun for her Chell costume. Like many other's have already stated - Marry this boy!!! Read More...
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GEN - "Dude Looks Like a Lady" Cosplay Contest
by Andy [ Wednesday, 16th of July 2008 - 10:12 PM ]
GEN ( is holding a cosplay contest entitled "Dude Looks Like a Lady". We are holding our first, ever, cosplay contest here on GEN. The winner of the contest will receive the Xbox 360 edition of the new Activision game: Gutiar Hero Aerosmith. The game includes the new custom Aerosmith Guitar (wireless) and the 360 version of the software. Entering is easy!! Simply take a photo of you dressed up in your best Steven Tyler get up. Read More...
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A-KON 19 to break World Record...
by Stephanie Naboshek [ Sunday, 6th of April 2008 - 11:28 PM ]
Well as many of us know, I'm a regular at the Dallas based anime convention A-kon. A-Kon, for those of you who don't know, is also the lonest running Anime Convention in America. It's one of the largest too. Recently the people over at A-KON anounced incredible news. A-kon is going to attempt to break The Guinness Book record for most  'Most Video Game Costumes in One Place'. Now as a regular at A-kon I can assure you that we've broken that record yearly.  Last year A-KON saw an estimated of 10,000 plus ppl nerding it up at the Adams Mark hotel in Dallas. Read More...
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