Cosplay Culture Was Out In Force At Animazement 2017


There was a lot going on at Animazement but I will say that Animazement was the best place for cosplaying

Ever since we were young many of us dreamed of growing up to become our favorite video game or anime character. I had no clue that so many years later I’d be going to conventions like Animazement dressed as a vault dweller and seeing so many others donning their amazing costumes.

Animazement 2017 — Cosplay

People draw inspiration from a variety of sources. Comics, Anime, and Video Games just to name a few. It’s also interesting to see how they change up their costumes. Some choosing to go the gender bent route. Others may choose to do a Steampunk version of a certain character. The possibilities are truly limitless, as long as you have the idea and the perseverance to see a project through you can become anything.

One of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in the world of cosplay is doing a couples cosplay. It is a world of fun spending time with the person you love helping each other stitch together your respective costumes. Bonus points if your costumes go together. Who else would you want watching your back in the wasteland? Or teaming up to fight crime with?

Animazement 2017 — Cosplay

Animazement itself hosted a plethora of panels that could boost your cosplay skills. I was able to attend a few, but the one showing the unique ways to use Pellon fabric was my favorite. You name it and I am sure someone was hosting a panel on it. Some others they had were sewing, casual cosplaying (a character who outfit is just normal clothes), and many more. Dara Page, in which you got to make your own shirt, sadly, I didn’t get to go, but getting to learn from someone who's a master of their craft is always an amazing experience.

Animazement 2017 — Cosplay

There were also quite a few panels about wigs with one event hosted by a very well-known cosplayer; Avianna. She makes wigs professionally and gave terrific advice. She covered some of the basics and even answered some questions I wouldn’t even have thought to ask. Admittedly I have never worn a wig for a cosplay, but in the future, I have the knowledge to handle my wig.

Animazement 2017 — Cosplay

One panel my girlfriend particular enjoyed was the Cosplay Undergarments panel. It’s something I didn’t even really think about when it comes to cosplay. As many other guys probably don’t either; those who don’t definitely should learn what a dancer's belt is at least. With a hobby that takes a lot of time and effort most people who don’t cosplay just see the final result. I have a newfound respect for people out there who go through the extra effort.

If you have never been to a convention, Animazement is a great one to start out. It’s huge, but not big enough to be overwhelming. They always have great guests, fantastic panels, and you should be a part of it! While I can’t put all of my pictures here I will be uploading them on various places on the web to be listed here at a later date.