This Week In Video Games 4/25/16 — 4/29/16

Video Games

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

One more week in video games in the bag and so much happened and are still yet to happen. I am so excited to have seen some new footage of actual in-game play of Friday The 13 and official word on a new Borderlands title on the way. That is not to play down all of the other news for Dead Island and Space Hulk that also cropped up this week. We really need to get more hours in the week to be able to cover all of these video games now don't we? Or at least more help here to ensure we get it all covered.

All of that said we need to move forth and look into next week and all of the video games we will have news on. Not to mention the six, yes six, reviews that we have chambered and ready to bring you. Hopefully we'll get to them all next week but there we go back into that time issue again. Thankfully we have to hold off official word on some until their release or right around it. Don't want to spoil things for any of those video games you are hoping and waiting for. That is just not how we roll here.

As usual here is a list of all of those video games we were able to cover this week and all of their news. Please enjoy going through them all or just the ones that spark your interest. Until next week have fun with your games and Happy Gaming All!