Here's Just How America Fell In Homefront: The Revolution


The intro cinematic for Homefront: The Revolution has dropped online and it shows just how America fell in Homefront's skewed timeline

If you were still not sure how the events of Homefront: The Revolution played out to where it is in its current state then know that we have yet another recap for you. We have a new trailer for the game from Dambuster Studios that shows just how skewed the timeline is going to be to allow the KPA to have taken down the American forces. It looks like Homefront is going to drastically different than the stated Red Dawn story that it had seemed to have taken from day one. It is tricky that Deep Silver has kept this fully from us this long isn't it?

You can see it in more detail below as the intro cinematic here shows the timeline that led to the downfall, but as it seems it wasn't just a lucky invasion that did it. As it turns out here in Homefront America became horribly in debt to Korea and in the true American way we ignored our payments in hopes it would go away. Obviously it did not and the country was shut down in its military areas. Then the KPA rolled in to "help" with the decline and slowly just moved into the oppressive state that we are going to have to fight against in the game. A very interesting take on a different timeline now.

Homefront: The Revolution — America Has Fallen

Wouldn't it be awesome if this worked on a personal scale and not just in the government level? Like if we are personally in debt to a bank we could let them come and try to repo our stuff and we were called heroes if we fought back in the same way we will in Homefront: The Revolution. If only that was the case. Or maybe that is part of the hidden commentary that Dambuster is going for in the game and we are all just looking past it to the "Oppression Is Bad" theme that is the glaring one. All debts need to be paid and here we see the bloody aftermath of not paying said debt.

How do you feel after seeing this intro cinematic for Homefront: The Revolution here? Does it speak to a deeper place to you or is it just as plain as "what if Korea became evil Apple?" Are you glad to see that the invasion happened in a much different way than just a surprise attack that they succeeded at? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments. For more on Homefront as we get closer to the release date be sure to stay right here for all of the updates we can bring you.