This Week In Video Games 8/10/15 — 8/14/15

Thus concludes another week in video games here. It's been kind of a scattered mess all week as to what we have been getting but none the less we had another fun week for all things video games. I know I am happy to see that Rise Of The Tomb Raider is going to have a lot of what made the franchise amazing back in it. Then there is all the new stuff we had for Mad Max and all the multiplayer beta stuff for Black Ops 3. Oh and let us not discount the fact that the PlayStation Experience is coming back this year even though it is heading off to another city. No matter what we are getting a lot of new video game stuff here.

Moving right along we have our usual list of video games that we were able to cover just a little bit lower down the page. Do check out our awesome review for King's Quests' first episode that we were able to get to. There are already so many things chambered for next week in the world of video games so even if you don't find something you enjoy just below here do know that more is coming. Nothing seems to be able to slow down this beast and machine that is the world of video games. Hopefully you enjoy it all and get some great things from us here. That is our goal after all.

Have a look through all of the things we were able to cover in the world of video games here and discuss. Either here or on the specific articles that have been written. If there is anything else you wish to see us cover or do let us know. We are here to entertain you just as the video games we discuss. Have a good read and as always Happy Gaming.

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