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Rid The Town Of Blood Plague With New State Of Decay 2 Gameplay
by Jana Lass [ Monday, 14th of May 2018 - 07:00 PM ]
State Of Decay New gameplay for State Of Decay 2 is out there to give us a look at how State Of Decay 2 starts and progresses just a bit further in New gameplay for State Of Decay 2 is here now and captured in wonderfully high settings for those looking to see how smooth or nice the game will run. It is no secret that Undead Labs is going to try to make it look and run as best it can on all of the Microsoft platforms, but now we have some solid proof that it will be at least visually stunning when we are all finally able to load it up and dive into the end of the world. Not that anyone was truly expecting State Of Decay 2 to be the next big breakthrough in visual effects for video games; it is just here to be noted that it will at least run at some higher level of detail than many gamers out there may be able to support at this time. Read More...
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Everyone Has Their Strengths To Surviving In State Of Decay 2
by Jana Lass [ Wednesday, 2nd of May 2018 - 07:00 PM ]
State Of Decay New gameplay for State Of Decay 2 is here and gives us a better look at how our team should be put together when State Of Decay 2 launches A new trailer for State Of Decay 2 is here and with it comes some new gameplay to look at for the game. This is yet another large showing of gameplay from Undead Labs just before the Xbox One and PC launch of the game on May 22nd. There has been a lot from before, but now we have a better look at some of the final version of State Of Decay 2 unless Microsoft Studios is going to delay the title just a bit longer. There have not been any rumors on that as of yet, so do not fret, but it is always a possibility in the realm of video games. Read More...
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State Of Decay 2’s Collector’s Edition Is Announced & Detailed
by Jana Lass [ Monday, 12th of March 2018 - 09:00 PM ]
State Of Decay A new edition to buy State Of Decay 2 in is here and it brings with it all the fun of State Of Decay 2 with some real world extras Another bundle of items for State Of Decay 2 has been announced for fans or gamers to pre-order. Much like many other titles out there, Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios has opted to bring us all a Collector’s Edition for the game with a lot of little extras mixed in. One catch to it though is that this new bundle that runs $69.99 USD will not be coming with a copy of State Of Decay 2. Read More...
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The World Doesn't Need More Dragons
by Corey Dockendorf [ Tuesday, 24th of November 2009 - 04:55 PM ]
Jeff Strain announced Monday his new Video Game Development studio Undead Labs. Whats this? You don't know who Jeff Strain is you say? Jeff is from the Blizzard world, he worked on the programming for Diablo as well as StarCraft. He also formed the initial development team and was the lead programmer for World of Warcraft in '99. That's a good start but where did he go from there? In April of 2000, Jeff joined forces with Mike O'Brien and Patrick Wyatt to establish ArenaNet. Read More...
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