State Of Decay 2’s Collector’s Edition Is Announced & Detailed

State Of Decay

A new edition to buy State Of Decay 2 in is here and it brings with it all the fun of State Of Decay 2 with some real world extras

Another bundle of items for State Of Decay 2 has been announced for fans or gamers to pre-order. Much like many other titles out there, Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios has opted to bring us all a Collector’s Edition for the game with a lot of little extras mixed in. One catch to it though is that this new bundle that runs $69.99 USD will not be coming with a copy of State Of Decay 2. You will still need to purchase the standard or Ultimate edition for the PC or Xbox One if you want to play the game. If you are looking for just a box of extras to have on your desk or gaming area, then you can purchase this and ignore the game. Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me, but it is a way to do it now.

If you want to spend the extra money for State Of Decay 2, then you will be glad to see that you will get a Latex Zombie Mask, Steelbook Case for the game, Human Brain Steelbook Stand, 4GB Severed Thumb USB, and an Iron-On Patch for the game. Depending on the quality of the mask this could be a nice deal, but I will repeat that this does not come with a copy of State Of Decay 2 in physical or digital form. This is most likely so gamers who play on the PC or Xbox One do not need to worry about how they purchase the game; all so digital players do not need to miss out on the collectible side of things and not need to buy a physical copy of the game. That would be my guess here.

You can see this collector’s edition of State Of Decay 2 just below. There is also a nice look at the four-player co-op gameplay that will be supported by the final game. The gameplay is, of course, from an early build of State Of Decay 2 so do not think that this is how the game will look and play at the end of the cycle. Have a look and enjoy.

State Of Decay 2 — Collector’s Edition

Survive With The State Of Decay 2 Collector’s Edition

At Xbox, we focus on giving players a lot of choices when it comes to getting and playing their games. Last week, we announced that State Of Decay 2 will be launching on May 22nd, 2018 with both a Standard Edition and an Ultimate Edition (as well as a part of Xbox Game Pass). Today, we have another option for the zombie survival fan: the State Of Decay 2 Collector’s Edition. This version is a true State Of Decay 2 starter kit — complete with an exclusive SteelBook case, zombie mask, and “thumb-drive,” a State Of Decay 2 patch, and a human brain SteelBook stand. Fans can pre-order the Collector’s Edition today at their favorite retailer for $69.99.

Whether you play as an Xbox Game Pass member, purchase the Standard Edition for $29.99, the Ultimate Edition for $49.99 to get early access and additional content or the Collector’s Edition for $69.99 to get the full zombie survival kit, you get a great game and a larger community to play State Of Decay 2 with. May 22nd is coming — How will you Survive?

State Of Decay 2 — 4-Player Co-op Multiplayer

What are your thoughts on the collector’s edition for State Of Decay 2 that has been announced? Does it make sense to you that Undead Labs would separate it from the game and not have a bundle with it all in one spot? What do you think the quality of the mask and items will be or will they be something that will be placed on a wall or desk and never truly used? Let everyone know what is on your mind down in the comments. As we learn more for State Of Decay 2, we will update you here on the site. Keep checking back in to see and read everything that there will be.