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Ghostbusters VR Is Coming And Letting Us Make Our Own Busting Team
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Thursday, 21st of April 2022 - 07:00 PM ]
Ghostbusters Another Ghostbusters title is on the way with Ghostbusters VR getting a recent announcement and trying to shake things up Add one more title to the lineup of Ghostbusters games coming our way now. During the latest VR showcase out there, it looks as if nDreams has one more title up their sleeves and is aiming to bring it to the Meta Quest 2. Maybe it will come to other platforms down the line, but for now, it is what it is. Get ready to say hello to Ghostbusters VR so you have one more way to strap on the proton packs and head out into the world to capture some ghosts. Read More...
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