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The Only Way To Get Out Of Hell Is To Rock The Afterparty
by David 'Hades' Becker [ Friday, 23rd of March 2018 - 09:00 PM ]
Afterparty A new title, Afterparty, has been announced and will have us partying our way out of Hell to the ultimate Afterparty and salvation If you were sent to Hell for "reasons" and the only way out was to be the Devil at a drinking contest, could you do it? That is what Afterparty is going to try to answer when it comes to us in 2019. At least that is how it all seems based on the teaser announcement that Night School Studio has put out for their next title. Yes, this is a real thing and we can all experience the fun in Afterparty as we head down this rabbit hole and see just how we can get out. Read More...
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