Put Your Creativity To The Test Within Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels

Get your classic Hot Wheels fun back into motion with the track builder coming to us within Hot Wheels Unleashed

It is not all that surprising here, but it is official that we are going to be getting a track builder in Hot Wheels Unleashed when it drops on September 30th now. It was easy to assume that we were going to get it in there with how basic it would be, and the fact that Milestone would need it to make the game, and now we can see it is happening. All so we can craft our own Hot Wheels stuff and then share it all online with every other player out there to experience. Something that we were not able to do with ease back in the day when setting up the tracks around our homes and rooms. Not to mention having access to all of the extra options that the video game will have in there that we would never be able to build or afford before. It just seems like this one keeps building up more and more.

Just like other track builders for the other racing games that have allowed it, we will get all the basics to craft with using the traditional Hot Wheels orange tracks. Also, we will have all of the options to allow for the magnetics and speed boosts out there too. Even if there are only twenty different versions of the tracks, each can be bents and manipulated to allow for some true creativity to be shared online. That is also not mentioning the interactive elements we can mix in too. Thankfully, they have placed in an element that will make sure we do not have too many troll tracks in the mix of Hot Wheels Unleashed too. Before we can publish to the online community, we will have to race through the track our self and make sure we can get through it all first. If only other games would do the same before, maybe they would still be the talk of the gaming town still.

Hot Wheels Unleashed — Track Builder

Are you ready to create the most insane tracks ever? Take a look at the Track Builder and get ready to twist, bend, and place orange track in the Track Room or in your favorite environments, and add the Special Track Modules to take your race to the next level of craziness!

Hot Wheels Unleashed — Track Builder Walkthrough

Mattel and Milestone showed today a deep dive dedicated to the Track Builder, a brand new game mode for Hot Wheels Unleashed where players can express themselves thanks to an editor without limits.

The Track Builder is the same tool that Milestone’s designers used to create the game’s tracks, this means that players have in their hands all the powers to unleash their creativity.

Players will learn how to get control of the iconic orange track modules, the backbone of all the adrenaline races. Twisting, bending, stretching, and finally placing every available modules is now part of the pure racing fun experience!

For the occasion, Federico Cardini, Lead Game Designer for Hot Wheels Unleashed, presents a deep dive dedicated to how the Track Builder works. After more than two years of development, the final result allows players to create crazy tracks in an extremely easy way, starting from choosing one of the environments available in the game, including the Track Room, a special stage designed specifically to showcase the freedom of the Track Builder, thanks to an empty big space without any kind of limits or obstacles.

Any element of the environment could potentially be part of the track, this means that players can mix track modules with stage’s objects in order to create dynamic and unpredictable races.

Players will also have the chance to bring their tracks to the next level, thanks to the special Track Builder Modules. More than 20 amazing modules are available, such as T-Rex Escape, Spider Ambush, Hungry Cobra, those will make the tracks even more unique, insane, and challenging.

The Track Builder also features the chance to share creations with the world or enjoy the tracks made by other crazy players. Being part of the community means having the chance to become an extraordinary designer or simply a racer always looking for new adrenaline and unpredictable challenges…

Finally, the new videos unveiled seven new vehicles out of the 60+ available on day 1. They are: 24 Ours, Off-Duty, Supercharged, RocketFire, Street Creeper, Surf 'N Turf, and Tricera-Truck.

What kind of Hot Wheels track will you be making once the game launches out there or will you only be playing through what the community built? Do you think we will be able to make a vast variety of things out there given how few options it will start with or will the manipulations of each offer up enough variety to keep it all dynamic? Do you think the interactive elements will be able to throw us all off or will they only be there in the background more than anything? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. We will share more for Hot Wheels Unleashed as it all comes to us. Just be sure to keep checking in here for all of that and much more from all of your favorite and unheard of titles out there.