Hunt: Showdown Brightens Our Day With Some New Gameplay


New gameplay for Hunt: Showdown is here and it takes us through a similar play of Hunt: Showdown but with more light and tougher players

New gameplay for Hunt: Showdown has been spotted out there and lucky for you we have tracked it down and brought it right to you here. This is not just some rehashing of the same footage we have had since E3 of this year, but a completely new play through with Crytek to show off how the game could look and handle in different hands as well as in different light. Different light in the way that this new look at Hunt: Showdown places the match in the daytime cycle of the dynamic weather the game will have. While it makes it easier to spot your enemies and opponents, it totally makes it a lot easier for them to track you down as well. Especially in this case when there is no ambient noise to muffle the basic noise created while just moving around the map.

The gameplay match we do have here is still the same team hunting down the same Spider from Hell but it definitely shows just how matches in Hunt: Showdown can be dynamic even though they are described the same. I am not sure if that makes total sense to you, but it does to me and that is where I am going to keep it for now. Have a look at the latest for Hunt: Showdown and see for yourself if you are still confused as to what is going on here in the game.

Hunt: Showdown — 12 Minutes Of Gameplay

We sat down with two of Hunt: Showdown's developers who walk us through the ordeal of banishing a spider back to hell.

It is interesting to hear more on the perma-death aspect of the game that Crytek is adding in. For those not in the know, more or less when you die in Hunt: Showdown you lose everything except your gear. At least of sorts as it was described back at E3. Gear can be passed down through your "bloodline" in the game but as it is explained here, you will lose all of those perks and bonuses you gained during matches if you are not careful and a team player. I am glad to hear that you do have the option to go solo if you want, but even though Hunt: Showdown does not have a difficulty setting, it sounds like it may as well as be "Insane Mode" with you willing to lose everything at a moment's notice. So very exciting and scary at the same time.

What do you think about Hunt: Showdown based on that and the latest gameplay we have here? Are you glad to hear that the team is focusing on gameplay first then all of the crazy visuals they are known for or were you hoping it would go hand-in-hand? Do you like the perma-death system as it is described here or will that be a deterrent from you investing your time in the game? Let us all know what you are thinking here down in the comments. As we learn more for Hunt: Showdown, we will pass it right along to you. Keep checking in on the site to see all of those updates and changes as they all come.