This Week In Video Games 11/2/15 — 11/6/15

Video Games

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

So much news in the world of video games here and so much more to come. I think we'll have a lot more as Blizzcon rolls out and we lead into the heavier part of the release season but it is a fickle industry. Especially when there are such great hidden gems like the Black Ops 3 Nightmare mode that was hidden from us all. That and the new Friday The 13th visuals that have just made their way into the world of video games here. Not to mention Fallout 4 and Rise Of The Tomb Raider getting their releases here in a few days with more video games right on the heels. Star Wars Battlefront I'm looking at you.

Of course we have such a heavy week in video games here but it will be dying out soon as it always does. Thankfully though we still have plenty on the back burners keeping warm and making their way out. Most of which will be reviews for all those video games coming soon. Hells, we still have two more solid in the chambers right now and then plenty more video games to get started with. Damn embargoes and such. None the less you can keep your eyes peeled for all of that soon here as we head into another fun week of video games.

As is customary here, we have a nice little wrap up of all the video games we were able to cover this week. Have a good time reading through it all and enjoy your Extra Life weekend. I know we will. Have fun and happy gaming all!