This Week In Video Games 7/27/15 — 7/31/15

Another week in video games is down and we are gearing up for another. More reviews and more news for all kinds of video games to come. I truly love that we were able to bookend this week with Until Dawn and had quite a few other zombie type announcements with Zombi and Advanced Warfare DLC. That is also if we miss out on the world of video games getting Mafia 3 coming with more news next week on that. I guess there will be a lot more news during Gamescom but we'll all have to wait and see as the crowds descend on all of those video games being shown out there. Lucky bastards.

This week in video games did feel a little slow but at least that also gave us some time to play catch up on missed reviews and news. We still have more to come as there are loads of titles still coming out in the coming weeks. Then we get into the huge rush of video games as we hit the holiday season. I wish I could get into more for now but you know video games and their NDAs and embargoes. Can't talk about some things until certain dates flow around. You won't want to miss all the video game news and updates.

Until then you can dig through everything we have in the world of video games right here. Have fun going through them all and happy gaming all!

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