This Week In Video Games 4/27/15 — 5/1/15

Time for more witting, or not-so-witting, banter to wrap up another week of news for video games here. We had a cancellation, a delay, and more sad news in general but at least we were able to see Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight received a bit more. Not only that but we have more rumors showing us that Watch Dogs 2 could be along the way here soon and then we had a look at a great looking horror title in Night Terrors. Most would say that is a big old game of "nope" but I say bring it on. All those other people are just wussing out because it is the trendy joke to go with in video games today.

Some other great updates and news came out for other video games of course; we just like to list off the big and impressive video games first as they made an impact of sorts. We can't discount Wolfenstein: The Old Blood any less than the size of its install size. The Witcher 3 is on the heels of its release date so we'll have more to cover there in our next week up for video games. At least that would be the hope. We can only go with what we are given and can't just make things up for any and all video games out there. Well we could but we'd rather you have nice look at the truth here.

Enough of all of that. Here is what we were lucky enough to cover in the world of video games for this week. Happy gaming all!

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