This Week In Video Games 3/30/15 — 4/3/15

Let's all celebrate as we have survived yet another April Fool's day in the video game industry. I will say that this one was a bit more lackluster than any in year's past but I'll take it. None the less we were still able to bring you a plethora of video game news through the week although again Mortal Kombat X seemed to dominate the legitimate news of the April Fool's week. If it wasn't for that we would have only had the Game Of Thrones review and the little bit for the Call Of Duty DLC and Batman: Arkham Knight. I guess we can't be upset with that as it kept the real news flowing…

This week in video game news did have a few interesting questions pop up. One of which dealing with Sony buying the OnLive tech as the company goes out of business. Not to mention the reasons behind the delay of Quantum Break for the Xbox One line up of 2015. Both of which most likely have their reasons but they are left to the imagination with the little bit of news that came out around both announcements. I'm sure all will come to light as we get to E3 and the summer of conventions that we are generally used to year by year.

Until then have a look at everything we were able to cover this week in video game news. Add to the discussion on each and let us know your thoughts. Have fun and happy gaming all.

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