This Week In Video Games 3/2/15 — 3/6/15

Two big video game conventions happened and are still going on this week which in turn means we had a lot to cover. New updates, rumors, releases, announcement, and all that video game jazz. We also had you covered all week with our special little flair added in the mix. From things like the Mortal Kombat X rumors to the announcement of Rock Band 4 and the release date for Mad Max and The Phantom Pain. That includes all of the video game new in between too.

I'm not a huge fan of rumors when it comes to my video games either but we had too many of those mixed in this week for my liking. Although some of them would be greatly appreciated if they came true but we'll have to wait and see. Video games are a fickle bitch after all. That doesn't sound exactly right but hopefully you get the gist of what I am saying here. We all love video games and need the news.

Enjoy everything we had to bring you this week in terms of video game news. Hopefully you find it all enlightening and uplifting. Happy gaming all!

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