Silent Hill 2 Might Be Coming Sooner Than Some Might Have Thought

Silent Hill 2

A release window for Silent Hill 2 remake might have been dropped out there by those not making Silent Hill 2

There is no surprise that titles like the Silent Hill 2 remake and Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater are on the way to us all in the coming years. These have been announced and there have been a few little updates to keep us all going. No release date for either of these games and a few others have been set down with not even a year of release to be offered up to us to look toward. That is until now. Since PlayStation does like to hype up a bunch of titles on the way for the coming year, it looks like the Silent Hill 2 remake and a few others have been officially slated to hit the PS5 in 2024 even if the publishers and developers are not ready to claim all of this.

All of this does mean we have to take it with a bit of salt as this is not a definite announcement for when Silent Hill 2 remake or the other titles will be landing out there. They were just included in the 2024 hype video for the console along with a whole lot of titles that are coming out in the next month. Actually, most of the other titles were announced to be coming out in the next month or two with Silent Hill 2, The Casting Of Frank Stone, and Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater being some of the bigger titles that are still listed as TBD on all of the other platforms out there. It feels like a good sign, but history has shown that the big delays and date changes do like to come back about once we all get our hopes up there. Have a look and see what all the fuss is about here.

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While it is not a definite for Silent Hill 2 or any of the others, it does hold some weight as the publishers most likely had to sign off on the clips being used in this video. Especially as it could be left as vague as December 31st of 2024 when the games do drop and it still was not a lie or falsehood placed out there. Given how the titles like the Silent Hill 2 remake were looking at the time of announcement, I would still venture that a good Halloween release for this year after a massive Summer hype up will be when we get to see them all come to light. Unless this is a sneaky way of saying all of these will be dropping before April this year given how many of the titles here will be doing just that. We will see soon, I think.

Do you think this is a sure sign that we will get the Silent Hill 2 remake and other titles this year or should it all be tossed aside as normal hype out there? Do you think that Metal Gear Solid Δ: Snake Eater will come before this Summer or will it be a later release than that? Would you be shocked to see all of these titles on the PS5 before the end of the second quarter of the year? Head to the comments to discuss this and let the speculation flow. If we have a better idea of when the Silent Hill 2 remake or the other games will be launching, know that we will drop that information on the site. All you have to do is keep on coming back to see and hear about all of those updates as they come.