Lies Of P Lets Us Take On So Many Different Bosses In The Game

Lies Of P

One more showcase for Lies Of P is here to give us a quick look at the various bosses we will face in Lies Of P

There is no denying or hiding the fact that Lies Of P is going to have a whole lot of boss fights in the game among all of the basic ones we have seen already. It would be rather shocking if Round8 Studio did not have that planned from the start of it all. Especially since, now, we have a look and many of those boss and mini-boss fights we are going to have to endure when playing Lies Of P on September 19th on our PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC. As long as you are ready to go through the pains of having to do all of that and survive the many, many deaths that are about to come your way in this game.

Here we go with six new minutes of footage for Lies Of P that takes us into the underbelly of some of the boss fights in the game. Many of them feel like they play out as we would assume with them being larger and with more attacks than some of the smaller ones. All with some interesting designs and looks to them to help them stand out from all of the other enemies we will face in the game. Outside of one, but that looks like it is part of that boss's tactic in the fight to give us more variety in the mix. As if the horrors of this twisted steampunk setting we have for Lies Of P were not already going to give us enough to stand out from many of the other titles like it out there. It is what it is…

Lies Of P — Boss Fight Showcase

Enjoy six minutes of gameplay showing the many different boss battles you will experience in Lies Of P.

Use various weapons and Legion Arms to overcome your foes.

Are you prepared to enter Krat this coming September 19?

I do feel it is worth noting that many of these bosses for Lies Of P appear to be more on the organic side of the design for things than expected. Given that the world we are going to venture into leans more into the mechanical side of things, it is interesting to see that we will have hulking masses of muscle coming at us or twisted animals that seem to have been mutated as well. Maybe this is to lean into some of the other themes of Lies Of P, but there looked to only be two fully mechanical bosses in this video. Now I am curious if the game itself is going to have more of a variety in the end or will we see that organic life is the true villain of all things once more out there. A fun twist to have here in this story, for certain.

Are you ready to face off with all of these bosses in Lies Of P or do you need a little more prep time for it? Do you like the variety or do many of them feel like they are going to have similar patterns in the mix? Do you think there is a reason for having more organic bosses in this game or is it just a design choice to make sure they all look cool and unique from the core enemies in the game? Take those thoughts into the comment section and discuss it all. If we get anything more for Lies Of P, we will share it all here. Please keep on coming back for all of those updates and all of the others we have in the works for you.