Hogwarts Legacy Will Immerse Us All More In The World With The Next-Gens


New footage for Hogwarts Legacy is here to show off how much deeper into the Hogwarts experience we will go

It should come as no surprise that when Hogwarts Legacy launches that it is going to look and handle better on the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. It is no knock on the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, but the better hardware and features of the newer systems will allow for Avalanche Software to give us all a deeper experience. Something this looks like it will go even deeper on the PS5 with all of the various extras that will come to Hogwarts Legacy there. Not because they are working harder on that version of the game, but because the controller and other options that the system has that the developers are going to take advantage of. If that kind of thing is your bag…baby…

Obviously, when it comes to the 4K visuals and other audio options that Hogwarts Legacy will have, if your system can handle it then you will have it too. The 3D audio might be a bit trickier as well as a few other elements that are built into the PS5 too. All of which you will have to see in the following trailer for Hogwarts Legacy, as it shows off how the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will be utilized in the game too. This is never anything a video can truly show off but something worth noting here. If anything, though, we do have a bit of new gameplay to look at as the world is expanded out for us all. That is something that everyone can enjoy and not just those with a specific system.

Hogwarts Legacy — Next Gen Immersion

The magical minds at Avalanche Software are making Hogwarts Legacy comes to life on PS5. Hear every detailed sound, play in stunning 4K HDR resolution, experience faster load times, and feel the magic at your fingertips in only the way PS5 can make possible.

Do you think that these features will truly get you to feel one step closer to Hogwarts or will they just be flashy things that get ignored over time? Do you think that others will have access to the 3D audio options or will it be only for the PlayStation gamers out there? How nice do you think that the game is going to look on the last-gen systems out there and will it be passable for now? Tell us all what you think about all of this and then feel free to discuss it out there. More for Hogwarts Legacy will be on the way to us all, so be sure to keep a close eye on the site and our socials for all of that.