The Quarry Has Asked Us All A few Tough Questions To Answer

The Quarry

Some of our tough questions asked for The Quarry could have some extra bearing on how The Quarry all pans out

Generally, when it comes to random social media posts and marketing for games like The Quarry, it is easy to overlook some fun little things. Most of the time it is to help generate interest and hype for a game and Supermassive Games is definitely doing that with the June 10th release date coming up. Specifically, by asking fans questions about fears, trust, and perceptions. All of which we would normally ignore hear beyond getting more gameplay for The Quarry to look at. Now is the time, though, that we put on some tin foil hats and see if there is more to all of this that the teams are letting on beyond having some fun with fans.

You can see a lite of questions asked and answered via The Quarry social media platforms out there. Some of which are just fun little things to toss around, but there are a few mixed in that feel like they could be part of the grander story here. Things like if fans think they are living in a simulation. It stands out here as the rest have to deal with things we can expect to see in The Quarry, like trusting friends and family. Could we all be seeing that this story is taking place in a simulation in the game's world? It would help to explain some of the other supernatural and otherworldly elements we have seen thus far. Unless we want to explain it all away and a fantastical world for now. It just feels like an odd question to ask.

All of this could mean nothing, of course, and just have us all back and talking about The Quarry before launch. If anything, we do get to see some new gameplay bits mixed in here and what feels like the overall narrator that we normally get in the studio's games. Have a look and see if we are on to anything over here or if we are just playing into the growing hype train that has started for The Quarry since it was first announced. I kind of hope for the prior but have a feeling it will all be the latter.

The Quarry — Impossible Questions Answered By Fans

Supermassive Games asked their IG followers some dangerously impossible questions for The Quarry — Here are the results 😰

The Quarry is an all-new horror experience from Supermassive Games and 2K, coming June 10. Play as each of the nine camp counselors in a thrilling cinematic tale, where every decision shapes your unique story from a tangled web of possibilities. Any character can be the star of the show—or die before daylight comes.

Do you think any of these questions will have any bearing on The Quarry at all or is it all just fun marketing hype? Would it be interesting to see that our characters are in a simulation being run by someone else or is it more terrifying to have them live through the events? Do you think we are currently in a simulation and all of this is pre-programmed for us to follow anyway? Drop all of those thoughts and feelings in the comments and then discuss it all. When we get more to share for The Quarry, know that it will be added to the site as soon as we can. Hopefully, we will see another massive dump of news for it in short order.