Sker Ritual Aims To Bring Us All Back Into The World Of The Quiet Ones


The spiritual successor to Made Of Sker is on the way with the reveal we have for Sker Ritual now

Here we go with one more of the survival shooters coming out with the full reveal for Sker Ritual. A new title coming from Wales Interactive for the PC and presumably the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. A new title that is aiming to take the story and setting of Maid Of Sker and turn it into a one to four-player co-op shooter. A vast deviation from what the IP has given us before, but it does seem to focus in on the enemies a bit more so it has that going for it. Not to mention a true way to defend ourselves in the world beyond hiding and not making noise while moving about everything. I am still not sure how I feel about that for all of this though.

You can get a little bit of the action here for Sker Ritual in the big reveal trailer, but if you did not know the parent title of it all you might miss all of that. It looks like it is going to be more of the basic shooter as is to be expected, with many of the Quiet Ones rushing us at times. Since they hunt based on sound, it does seem a little odd to be firing off and making all kinds of sound in Sker Ritual, but maybe that will make sense down the line for it all. For now, though, we have this and the other basics to go on for the game. It is still early, so I am sure it will make more sense as the cycle carries forward and we get more of it all to enjoy.

Sker Ritual — Reveal

Wales Interactive has released a brand new trailer and details on new features for the upcoming co-op survival FPS Sker Ritual.

The Quiet Ones are back in this 1-4 player co-op, round-based survival shooter and spiritual successor to the award-winning British horror, Maid Of Sker! Face hordes of new and familiar enemies, supercharged elites with unique supernatural powers, upgradeable steam-punk weapons, interchangeable spine-chilling masks, and mysterious story objectives from the writing talent behind Maid Of Sker, Battlefield 1, and Total War: Rome II.

Sker Ritual is coming to PC (Steam) this summer, with a new-gen launch later in the year.

  • A 1-4 Player Round-Based CO-OP Experience — Designed for playing solo, or up to 4-players online. Short of a teammate? No worries, the intensity of Sker Island’s hordes scale to the number of players.
  • Quiet Ones, Elites & Bosses — The Quiet Ones have returned and they are not alone. Sker Island has recruited new elites, each with a unique set of abilities that will force you to change up your playstyle, change your location, or enlist the help of your teammates! Old enemies aren’t the only ones to curse the lands of Sker, we have many more new faces — even some without faces — that want to destroy you.
  • Masks, Voice Taunts & More — Customise your character with interchangeable in-game masks inspired by all forms of horror; folk, gothic, zombie, science fiction to the supernatural, and more. Taunt your teammates with unique voice lines and switch out your dynamic menu scene environments from the Island.
  • Upgradeable Steampunk Weapon System — Get your guns, ammo, and more at The Laughing Policeman’s booth at locations around the maps. Buy stock munitions or gamble on a randomly picked weapon with a chance of gaining a higher base level. Climb the weapon ranks with unique upgrades courtesy of The Laughing Policeman’s Super Charger for bonus buffs and visible steam-punk inspired enhancements.
  • Miracles, Objectives, Maps, Story, Revive System, & More Coming Soon — ‘Miracles’ will form part of a unique perk system that will play an important role in Sker Ritual. Please stay tuned for the reveal coming soon.

Did you enjoy Maid Of Sker and wanted to see another in the line or is this just something to use the IP and will not tie in at all? Do you think the noise generated will make more sense in the long run of it all or will that only cause more of the flood to come in? Would you want to play as the monsters here or will it be more fun to join with your friends against all of them? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. When we have more to share for Sker Ritual, know that it will all be here. Just keep a close eye on the site for all of that and much, much more.